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The Evening’s Program – 15 October – The Stockyard Hill Wind Farm
Stan Deans was our chair for the evening and our guest speaker was Ian Courtney, the community engagement manager for The Stockyard Hill Wind Farm around Skipton and Beaufort.
Ian has been working for the last 9 years negotiating the route of a powerline easement and landholder contracts.
Goldwind in China manufactures the turbines and then manages the farm.
The estimated completion of construction and commencement of operation is expected in mid 2020.
There are 149 turbines over the 11,000 hectares which will generate 530 megawatts which is sufficient to power 390,000 households per annum.
The project employs 300 in its construction phase and there will be 20-25 jobs once the farm is in operation.
The project also involves the construction of a 75 kilometre powerline which connects into the Latrobe Valley-Portland line.
The windfarm has a 25 year lifespan with the company under an obligation to remove the towers at the end of the term and restore the land for farming….unless the landowners want 149 silos or water tanks 110 metres high or perhaps string a walkway between the towers and create Beaufort’s answer to The Otway Fly!
 The Evening’s Program – 29 October – Graham Thomson and the Popondetta Project
Peter Funston was our chair for the evening and our own Past President Graham Thomson was our guest speaker.
Graham has been working with the villagers and other Rotarians on the restoration of a building at the school at Popondetta in PNG to provide improved facilities for the students.
Popondetta and the Sariri village which is about 110 kilometres away have received significant material and physical support from District 9780 Rotarians and Clubs over the years in building works, water facilities and agricultural equipment and skills exchange.
The area is close to the Kokoda Track and the sites which hold such significance for Australians and Japanese so there are opportunities for economic development from appropriate tourism in the region.
The local economy is already showing the considerable economic influence of China.
We thank Graham for bringing us his first-person account of Rotary making a difference in the lives of our near neighbours and we thank Graham for his own personal contribution to Rotary’s international service.
Announcements, News and Help Required
Our Meeting Tonight
This Tuesday's meeting (5 November) is a "Kinder Surprise"!
What that means is that you are to bring along something from your history and, as when you were a 4 year old, present it in our "Show & Tell" session.
There will be a naughty corner for those without items and that means no fairy bread!
Looking forward to seeing what you bring along and hearing about why it is important to you.
Geelong Show – Hamburger Stand
Many thanks to all the Rotarians, family members, partners and friends who helped to sell over $19,000.00 of the finest and fastest fare.
This equates to around $10,000.00 in profit for the benefit of our chosen charities plus we donated produce to the Rotaractors for their school breakfast program and the Christ Church Community Meals.
Our appreciation as always to John Birrell and the battle-scarred Adrian and special thanks to Robyn Campbell for elbowing her way to supervisory status and to Kris Adam for stepping in for Innes when Adrian fell in action.
We wish Adrian a speedy and full recovery.
Ballarat South Raffle
Robert Wheeler and James Dunlop are looking after this important aspect of our Club’s fundraising this year.
Our sales site is Dan Murphy’s in Pakington Street.
This is a Club project and we get a very good return from each ticket we sell ($1.60 from each $2.00 ticket).
So, we need to get off our backsides…and get on our backsides…..and sell, sell, sell!
James will be assailing us with regular emails to prompt our participation and Robert will be keeping us updated on the number of books sold and the frequency of sales we need to sustain in order to be all sold out in the required timeframe.
The “pay by card” facility will be there so the DMCs (Dan Murphy Customers) will not be able to use the old “Sorry, no cash” excuse.
Our Club made around $5,000.00 last year from the ticket sales so it’s a worthwhile fundraising activity for us.
We will showcase our Barwon River Safety Markers project at the ticket sale table as an example of our Club’s work in the local community and Keith Dawson has prepared a project factsheet for distribution.
Our PDG with RI Pres
Eddie Loughnan and Val attended the civic reception and later the dinner in Ballarat for Mark Maloney and his wife Gay on 24 September.
Here is Eddie’s report:
Mark graduated with a Master of Laws Degree  in Taxation at the University  of New York and he and Gay are partners in a law firm established in Alabama by her father and known as Blackburn (she has retained her maiden name) Maloney and Schuppert.
For those who have not read the July RDU, I recommend you do so because the history of his life and his many and varied community interests will explain how well prepared he was selected to be president of RI.
When it came to the introduction after the dinner, it was his wife Gay who firstly took the microphone and outlined her involvement in Rotary and the life she leads in supporting Mark  as he travels so rapidly around the world and their current three day itinerary which is so much the norm  for their scheduling.
When she handed him the microphone, he moved around the raised stage and spoke without notes and further warmed up his listeners before moving to the lecturn to deliver what he called his Action Plan.
It was premised on the basis that as individuals we cannot achieve much on our own but by working with others –  building  upon our previous successes in, for example helping children, and delivering clean water – can make a difference in  our cities and around the world.
We need to expand our reach he said, through developing our person to person connections and in so doing, grow Rotary by examining our achievements -  enhancing them – then demonstrating outcomes which will inspire others to join us and carry on the vision.
To do this, we need to make Rotary more friendly and family orientated. He and Gay, he said always took their  family to club activities, club and district events and international conventions, of which  their children have attended more than 30, so that they would see their family lives are not separate from their Rotary lives and the world around them.
Mark  reminded us that Rotary was present at the formation of the U.N. and has a continuing role in its operation,  which as he said, enhances Rotary’s standing in the world.
It continues - with other partners, well known for their connection to our programs with perhaps the best known being polio eradication.
When we work with others, he said, we become even more powerful and can better contribute to building a better world.
He finished by reminding us that Service is our role - unlocking the path – the path to a better world - with Rotary connecting the World.
Rotary Foundation - The Ann Lee Hussey Story
On Tuesday, 19 November, The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Committee of our Club is presenting to the meeting, an outstanding video called “The Ann Lee Hussey Story”.
The occasion is to acknowledge World Polio Day (which was recognised on 24 October as well as Foundation Month.)  As a Club, we have a break in the week that World Polio Day is recognised because of our Hamburger Stall duties the week-end before which is our major fundraiser.
The Ann Lee Hussey Story is told by Ms Hussey herself.  As a child she suffered from polio.  Her story is riveting, courageous and challenging.  Every-one of us who supports Polio Plus should view this video to remind ourselves again what a scourge the disease is.
The Committee is challenging the Club members to donate as a Club, $1,000 above what we donate to End Polio Now which is above our normal giving.  The challenge is as a Club, to raise an extra $1,500.00 a year for the next 2 years to find the $50 million per annum that is required to stop this pernicious disease in its tracks.  This is a Rotary International challenge. Taxation receipts from Parramatta will be issued after PDG Eddie Loughnan sends the donations to Parramatta.
The meeting will be a partners’ night.
The Committee looks forward to your attendance and support.
Thank you,
From Past President Ross Taylor
Chair, Rotary Foundation Committee
International Mens Day – “Happy as Larry” – 19 November
The Rotary Club of Brighton North will host an inaugural luncheon to celebrate this event on Tuesday 19 November 12.00 pm to 2.30 pm at the Citipower Centre, Lakeside Drive, St. Kilda (formerly the Junction Oval).
The event is to promote, inform and educate (and, of course, to entertain) those attending…and men means women too!...about men’s health and happiness.
The MC will be Matt Nichols and the guest speakers are Jeremy Forbes (who has a commitment to the better physical and mental health of tradies) and Paralympian Don Elgin.
Proceeds from the event will support hepatitis B virus research, the Brighton Bayside Men’s Shed, youth suicide awareness and the Rotary Club of Brighton North’s community service projects.
Go to Trybooking to purchase tickets.
Lithuanian Dance Group Fundraiser
The Lithuanian Community Dance Group will travel to Argentina in January to perform, demonstrate and teach their world-renowned dancing.
The Rotary Club of Geelong East has through International Service Committee supported them with a $500.00, funds raised at last year’s International Dinner
The Lithuanian Community Dance Group is holding a fundraiser on Sunday 10th November.  It will consist of a dancing display and afternoon tea.
The event will be held at 3.00pm and at Pettitt Park Hall in Beauford Avenue, Bell Post Hill.
Members are encouraged to attend and support this group.
Bookings can be made by calling Lucy on 0418 528 388.  If there is no answer leave your name and number and Lucy will call you back.
Our Fifty Years Celebration – 23 February 2020
This is the date to join with the members, past members and friends of The Rotary Club of Geelong East in celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the club.
That is two days after our actual Charter Anniversary and is the date of Rotary International's birthday.
Please put aside the date and the organising committee will keep us informed of additional information over the next few months.
Eddification – News from the Global Polio Eradication Initiative
Rotary and its partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative are celebrating a major milestone this World Polio Day: confirmation that a second type of the wild poliovirus has been eradicated, which is a significant step toward the ultimate goal of a polio-free world.
The director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), announced the historic feat in a video address during Rotary’s Global Online Update on 24 October. He said an independent commission of health experts certified the global eradication of the type 3 strain, which hasn't been detected anywhere in the world since Nigeria identified a case of polio that it caused in November 2012. The type 2 strain was certified as eradicated in 2015.
“That leaves just wild poliovirus type 1,” he said. He also commended Rotary’s long fight against polio. “Everything you [Rotary] have done has brought us to the brink of a polio-free world.”
He also balanced the good news with a note of caution, saying that the biggest enemy of global eradication is complacency. He encouraged Rotary members to redouble their efforts.
“If we stopped now, the virus would resurge and could once again cause more than 200,000 new cases every year,” said “We must stay the course. Together, we can make sure the children of the future only learn about polio in history books.”
Vale Joyce Stevenson
I attended the private funeral service for PHF recipient Joyce Stevenson.
The family asked me to pass on to the Rotary Club of Geelong East that Joyce had died.
The eulogy was wonderful, and included that Joyce and "the Ladies" had catered for our club for 25 years, and that it was a wonderful time in her life with her friends, supporting the community.  Also that Joyce was a PHF recipient.
Jonathan Hepner
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 Trivia Night fundraiser for Mark West Foundation 8 Nov
 World Polio Day recognition - The Ann Lee Hussey Story and the Club's Annual General Meeting 19 Nov
 Christ Church Meals (5th Monday) Mon 30 Dec
 Celebration of Rotary International 23 Feb 2020
 District 9780 Conference - Swan Hill 20-22 March 2020
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Attendance for the meeting of 15 October
Present: 28
Percentage: 67.44
Apologies: Bill Bailey, Harrie Farnaby, Laurent Franklin, Bruce King, Adam Koch, Maxine Leske, Gary Newton, Warren Norton, Andrew Rofe, David Sykes, Liz Sykes and Katherine Sykes and Ross Taylor.
Honorary Members in attendance: Dorothy Sinclair.
Make Ups: Ross Taylor – 15 October – Rotary Club of Traralgon
Leave of Absence: Satbir Chug (23 April to 31 December) and Sam Ramondetta (17 September to 29 October).
Attendance for the meeting of 29 October
Present: 22
Percentage: 52.38
Apologies: Bill Bailey, Sue Beretta, Allanah Clifford, Keith Dawson, Stan Deans, Laurent Franklin, Sue Hill, Adrian Innes, Adam Koch, Maxine Leske, Alison Marshall, Gary Newton, Warren Norton, Sam Ramondetta, Andrew Rofe, David and Liz and Katherine Sykes and Andrew Thornton.
Honorary Members in attendance: None this week.
Make Ups: None received this week.
Leave of Absence: Satbir Chug (23 April to 31 December) and Sam Ramondetta (17 September to 29 October).

Birthdays: Happy birthdays to Gary Newton (2 November), Karen King (7 November), Allanah Clifford (8 November) and Kris Adam (10 November).
Rotary Anniversaries: Past President Tony Della Porta clocked up 31 years of Rotary service on 1 November.
Wedding Anniversaries: None in the coming week.