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Our Meeting of 5 March
Past President Warren Norton was our chair for the evening and we were welcomed by Mark Sinkinson of St Albans Football Club to their clubrooms.
This is our new meeting venue in St. Albans Road.
As a club they are looking forward to more community involvement with us. They and the netball and cricket clubs as well look forward to our new partnership.
Mark is a professional fire fighter with the CFA who has been recently fighting the Gippsland fires and attending the Air show in his professional roles.
With the St Albans Netball Club and Cricket Club, they are looking forward to our partnership. Ash is our cook (and his mum Jan was also helping tonight)
They want to further improve the venue by installing blinds, improved projectors and all money raised will go towards venue improvements.
Craig Osborne who is President of the club also spoke and welcomed us. He outlined the club’s proud history and informed us of the costs to run teams. He would like us to remove the seagulls from our banner as it looks very much like the North Shore FC banner to him……
They were founded in 1880, have 9 premierships and he outlined their unusual celebrations on these occasions. They love to celebrate their history but want to expand and enhance their clubs. They at present have 6 cricket teams, 10 netball teams and 16? football teams.
Mark then spoke briefly on his CFA career. He was a witness to the recent helicopter crash while fighting the fires near Gembrook. Fortunately no lives were lost but there is a very expensive helicopter at the bottom of the dam.
He advised us to plan ahead and be aware of fires locally, and to have a fire plan.
All in all, we had a most pleasant night. 
Announcements, News and Help Required
President David welcomed back the MacVeans and thanked all who had helped with the Club’s move from The Hub.
Dot Pinder’s funeral was attended by more than 25 Rotarians and partners who joined with Frank, his family and Dot’s many friends to celebrate her long and active life.
At the All Holden Day catering, the heat was a problem for many of those working.
After some attention from the very professional first aider on duty, Colin McElhinney was soon restored but the day highlighted the need for processes and first aid capacity within the Club to cope with such a situation.
Anam Cara Foundation
Tony Alsop informed us that on Monday March 18 there will be fundraising dinner at The Hub for this most worthy charity.
Dianne Taylor will be the guest speaker.
The cost is $30.00 and members should ring Tony if they would like to attend.
Paul Harris Recognition
Ross Taylor asks that we give consideration to persons worthy of this award. This closes on 26 March.
Polio Plus
We are reminded to consider each making a donation of $26.50 for the next two weeks.
A receipt for $187.72 has been received from Parramatta RF. Does anyone know about this?
The All Holden Day – Fundraising report
Adrian Innes reported that The All Holden Day was very hot and the barbeque was closed at 2.00 pm.
Eggs, bread etc was donated to Christ Church who were very grateful.
There was about $400.00 profit to our Club and much food frozen and available for the next function.
Christ Church toiletries collection
Club Secretary Jenny Acopian reported that the toiletries (little soaps, shampoos and the like which members collect from the hotels and motels at which they stay on their junkets) are collected and donated to Christ Church for the homeless and others in need.
If you have such items, please speak to Jenny.
RYLA 13-18 April 2019
This is a personal development program for 18 to 25 year olds about which all attendees speak with great enthusiasm and regard.
Stan Deans informed us that we need applicants and that the program requires an enrolment of 40 to make it economic.
For more details, see Stan and/or refer to last week’s email from District Secretary Trace Smith.

Warracknabeal Trip 6 April
Greg Cooke from the Rotary Club of Belmont and Dale spoke about the Warracknabeal trip – now a two day trip to attend Stan’s 50 year celebration and see the silos.
To date six people are attending but they need 12 to make the trip viable. They leave Sth Geelong Train station on Saturday April 6 at 7.00 am, return by Sunday April 7 at 6.00 pm.
The cost is $295.00 per person share or $360.00 per person single.
Members should contact President David Sykes if interested asap.
Greg Cooke from Belmont Rotary Club also asked for support for their Headspace program to be held at Kardinia Park on May 3.
He also said they had a bus going to the District Conference at Maryborough if anyone wanted a lift.
Working With Children ("WWC") Checks and Rotary District Insurance requirements
Janine has her WWC check list and those recaltricants need to get organized.
Fundraising – Dinner Auction
This is coming up on 13 April at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club
Yannick has circulated to each member a letter which the committee has prepared and which members can take to prospective donors and which indicates how businesses can assist and the causes which they will support through their donation of goods and services.
We have secured some great sponsors and it will be a great night.
Could all club members try to find sponsors and invite friends to attend for an enjoyable evening at the Yacht Club?
Eddification – Foundation Facts and News from PDG Eddie Loughnan
Are any of you fans of the national television quiz show ‘The Chaser’ – with origins in Great Britain and now one of the top rating quiz shows in Australia.
 A Channel 7 production, the format of the show requires panels of four contestants to answer general knowledge questions in competition with an expert known as the Chaser for cash prizes.
 There are there are three or four resident experts serving as The Chaser in turn on different nights and the one in the hot seat yesterday was an Englishman by the name of Mark Labbet.
 A question was posed about the world’s battle to control Malaria, with a mention of Bill Gates’ support for that campaign.  Mark Labbet answered the question and then added a comment of his own … “Yes, very similar to the campaign being waged by the Rotarians of the World to eradicate Polio”.
 Not bad for a throw away line to a national audience …
Shine On Awards Ceremony – Invitation
All Rotarians are invited to this year’s Shine On Recognition Ceremony to be held on Sunday 7 April 2019 at the Italian Sports Club of Werribee’s Function Centre.
The venue also has an onsite restaurant where you are welcome to purchase lunch prior to the ceremony or alternatively stay on and have dinner following the ceremony. The restaurant opens at 12noon for lunch and it is recommended you book a table if you wish to have a meal. To book a table please (03) 9741 1225. Please let them know you are going to Shine On when booking. 
The Rotary International (RI) Southern Districts Shine On Committee look forward to another excellent event and hope you can join us on the day. RSVP details are listed on the invitation. RSVPs are due by Friday 15 March 2019.  Please inform of any dietary requirements when providing your RSVP.
We are looking forward to seeing all our nominees SHINE ON! I always find this day an overwhelming event hearing the amazing work people with disability are doing out in the community.
Afternoon tea will be provided at the conclusion of the ceremony. Please let me know if you will be bringing any guests for catering purposes.
Looking forward to seeing you on the day.
Louise Bugeja
RI Southern Districts Shine On Committee
0418 597 427
Rotary Friendship Exchange Announcements
The ten Canadians on the Rotary Friendship Exchange arrived in Geelong on Thursday 7th March.
We will have another opportunity to see the visitors and that will be on 18th March when they come back to Geelong as guests of the Rotary Club of Drysdale.  That night there will be a joint meeting at Drysdale.  Please remember, though, that while we would like as many as possible to that night, the following night is the R. J. Vague Award night of our own club – an important night in our program.
Please contact Warren Norton for more information.

The Book Approaches….
Graeme Fleet is taking orders for The Entertainment Books (“EBs”).
They represent great value at $60.00 per copy and are a source of funds for our Club in its charitable activities.
Graeme Fleet will have the EBs from 28 March.
EBs are now available for all areas in Australia & New Zealand for $30.00 for the remainder of the current EB term.
Graeme has the order forms for the new 2019 EB and see Tony Alsop for the app version.
Upcoming Events Coming Up
Committee Meetings and Member Talk (at St. Albans) 12 March
Combined Meeting with Drysdale (Canadian Friendship Exchange) at Drysdale Mon 18 March
R.J. Vague Award (at St. Albans) 19 March
New Members Meeting (at St. Albans) 26 March
Science & Engineering Challenge Dinner - Note: Wednesday night (at St. Albans) Wed 3 April
 Warracknabeal Trip 6 April
Committee meetings - Offsite 9 April
Dinner auction at RGYC 13 April
Pride & Professionalism Award (at St. Albans) 16 April
To be advised - ANZAC speaker? 23 April
  Christ Church Meals (5th Monday) 29 April
No Meeting 30 April
Trainee of the Year Award 7 May
Committee Meetings and Member Talk 14 May
 To be advised  21 May
 To be advised  28 May
Social Evening 4 June
Committee meetings - Offsite 11 June
 To be advised  18 June
 To be advised  25 June
Change Over Dinner 2 July
The Next 3 Weeks

Meeting Roster

Meeting Date
12 March, 2019 
 18 March, 2019
 19 March, 2019
Meeting Topic
 Committee Meetings & Member Talk
Joint Meeting with Drysdale Rotary Club 
 R. J. Vague Award
 Graham Thomson
Satbir Chug 
 Adam Koch
Adam Koch 
 David Beretta
Liz Sykes 
 Laurent Franklin
Room & Hosting
Warren Norton 
 Sue Beretta
Member Talk
 John Birrell
Attendance for our meeting of 5 March
Present: 33
Percentage: 76.74
Apologies: Kris Adam, Bill Bailey, Michael Carroll, Keith Dawson, Harrie Farnaby, Laurent Franklin, Peter Gillham, Maxine Leske, Andrew Rofe and Graham Thomson.

Birthdays: Best birthday wishes to Karen Sutherland (don't forget, Sam!) for 13 March and many happy returns to Wendy Hepner for 21 March.
Wedding Anniversaries: None coming up this week.
Rotary Anniversaries: Harrie Farnaby will have 8 years membership of our Club on 15 March and 21 March marks Graeme Fleet's 30th Rotary anniversary...will he use his Entertainment Book for the occasion?