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Last Week's Program
Our meeting of 26 May 2020
Gary Newton was our chair for our Zoom meeting with Dr. David Boyle as our guest speaker.
We welcomed our members and partners, District Governor Elect (DGE) Phil Beasley and Assistant Governor (AG) Judy, our past Rotary Exchange Student and Rotary family member Margaret Dunlop and Rotarian Doug Robertson from the Rotary Club of Melbourne Central.
President Tony indicated that we are getting closer to the time when we will meet again in the face to face sense but as yet we don’t have a start date for meetings back at St. Albans Football and Netball Club.
Dr. David Boyle was introduced by Past President Janine who is a fellow Leopold resident and told us of Dr. David’s long involvement in the Leopold and Newcomb communities.
David worked for 30 years at what we all know as “the Animal Health” and has had a distinguished career in virology and animal disease prevention and research.
David knows a virus when he sees one and when he sees one, he knows that there are others lurking about.
In fact, there are close to a gazillion viruses on this little planet and they are the most abundant life-form.
If you laid them end to end….you’d be wasting your time (and your research grant) because by the time you’d got the 2,356,876,764,87553, 237th to sit still, the 1st would have got tired and got up and left!
Viruses are everywhere.
They are a natural part of life and if it wasn’t for viruses we’d be up to our eyeballs in used nutrients, excess carbon and other stuff that would impede our human endeavours.
David explained about the DNA and the RNA and the proteins and how viruses replicate and high-jack the machinery of cells to make copies of themselves.
Viruses can lie dormant and then spring up and become problems for us many years on.
Some viruses cause human cancers and move between species.
The bats and the wet markets are a symptom of the conditions on the planet which promote virus spread – overpopulation, climate change, intensive animal production and industrial food production practices and the extreme pressure which humans place on our environment all mean that we will see more pandemics in years to come.
We are very grateful to David for his very interesting talk and the clear and straightforward manner in which he delivered the message “NOT TO BLAME THE BATS”.
Announcements, News and Help Required
Zooming in with other Clubs. Please invite yourself as you see opportunities. Stay in contact with other Clubs.
Stay in Contact. Zooming is fun, but phone calls may be easier, please stay in contact with those who are on the sick list or cannot join us at our virtual meetings.
Program – Speakers Wanted
Kris Adam is on the look out for guest speakers. Please pass on names and topics to Kris.
Zoom Meetings – all are welcome
Invite friends to our online meetings.
They can experience Rotary friendship and see Rotary service at no cost and without obligation from the comfort of their home.
Send them the email with the link and password but don’t forget to introduce them when the meeting opens.
Collect art and support Rotary
Kris Adam has generously offered to contribute $25.00 from the $175.00 sale price of his wonderful and mystical drawings of Geelong.

Branch Out - 2 August
If the restrictions have eased sufficiently, Peter Funston is calling all to join in the annual tree planting day at Eumarella Scout Camp, Anglesea.
Please call Peter on 0422 309 074 or email if you can help out.
From the Jargon Department
Last week, my computer displayed this message:
This search order was not completed because of the following error - Hibernate flusing - could not execute batch command.[SQL: SQL not available]; SQL []; Transaction (Process ID 90) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction.
I turned off the computer and went home.
Past District Eddie Loughnan writes:
The passing of Past Rotary International President Frank Devlyn may not have registered with many, if any, of our members.
However he was the light that shone through my preparation for and service as one of his District Governors in 2000-2001 and then a few years later when he was Chairman of the Trustees of the Rotary Foundation.
He was larger than life and at international gatherings, he would seek  out those he  recognized because they were wearing the distinctive blazer he had devised for his Governors and  come over and  encircle them in his arms and want to know where they were from and what they were doing for Rotary.
I have had an avalanche of contacts from those I served with in 2000-2001 including another Past Rotary International President I respect and admire - Australian Glenn Kinross, with whom I served for a number of years during the establishment of The Australian Rotary Foundation Trust and who gave the following tribute.
"Frank was a friend of mine that dates back to the years when he was preparing to serve as the RI President. I visited Mexico on a number of occasions and Frank and Gloria Rita had me as their guest in their home. 
Frank turned out to be the ultimate communicator for Rotary and he went on to serve Rotary as its incomparable sales person during his presidency and thereafter.
He believed in Rotary and its purpose. Through his books and his personal ability to tell the Rotary story as a means to make our world a better place 
Frank will be long remembered by his fellow Rotarians and Rotary staff. I communicated with Frank privately. I have never joined the Rotary conversation that others engage in on everything Rotary. Frank's contribution to a better world will live long after his passing. The reality of never seeing him again leaves a big hole in the fabric of Rotary and for Gloria Rita his adored wife and his extended family members. 
Frank's footsteps are unlikely to be filled again. Frank, you know that I admired your Rotary work and friendship. You are now in the care of your Heavenly Father. May God bless you”.
RAWCS National Report – National Bushfire Appeal
(Thanks go to Past President Warren Norton for providing this report for our Bulletin)
Noel Howard, the District 9780’s representative on the Southern Region RAWCS Committee has provided an update on the recent meeting with particular focus on the Bushfire Appeal and changes to the Royce Abbey Scholarships.
  • $1.6 million has been donated to the National Bushfire Appeal, $900,000 of which has been distributed by the District Governors Committee. The funds have mainly gone to fencing and infrastructure projects.

  • RAWCS National has its own Facebook page which, depending on the article, has between 3,500 and 9,000 visits.

  • RAWCS National puts articles onto YouTube.

  • Disaster Aid Canada donated $40,000 to the Drought Appeal.

  • A levy of 2.5% on donations to RAWCS to cover expenses.

Another interesting item to come out of the meeting was that the conditions for Royce Abbey scholarships have changed. Up to now scholarships have only been available to students to study agricultural systems, they are now available for projects that fall within the six areas of focus for Foundation.


Upcoming Events Coming Up
Our Club meetings and District events are happening via video conferencing during the COVID-19 restrictions.
See "The Next Three Weeks" for....the next 3 weeks.
The date of our return to meeting at St. Albans Football Club awaits confirmation and the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions etc.
The Next 3 Weeks
DateActivityCoursesVenueChair SergeantRoom (Hosting)CashierMeeting
Tues 2 JuneBron Lawson - The Bluebird Foundation Zoom     
Tues 9 JuneCommittee Budget Meetings       
Tues 16 JuneRCGEs Got Talent  Kris AdamRob Wheeler   
Tues 23 June    Keith Dawson   
Mon 29 JuneChristchurch Meals Program       
Tues 30 JuneCommittee Meetings       
Tues 7 JulyChange Over       
We had a 66.67% attendance at our Zoom meeting last week!
We're Zooming again on Tuesday 2 June.
To join, click on the link in the email which has been sent to you from David Sykes.
PDG Eddie and Past Presidents Ross and Graham did District meetings via Zoom on 22 May

Birthdays: Happy birthday to Lyn Fleet for 9 June.
Wedding Anniversaries: Jonathan and Wendy Hepner celebrate 41 years of marriage on 9 June.
Rotary Anniversaries: None this coming week.