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The Evening’s Program – Presentations.....and Preservation
The Chair, President David, welcomed several guests to the meeting: Jane Bolton, Warren Norton’s grandson Nick Chilvers, Bendigo Bank representatives Lily Reinert and Bronwyn Shearer, Scott Smith from the Newcomb Power Football Club and guest speaker Susie D’Andrea from Ambulance Victoria.
It was a very busy meeting that once again demonstrated the positive difference Rotary is making in our community.
Presentation to Scott Smith, Newcomb Power Football Club:
President David, supported by John Birrell, presented Scott Smith with a cheque for $1,000 in recognition of the contribution their volunteers made to the Hamburger Stand on the Friday night of the 2018 Geelong Show.
Scott explained that the funds would be used to support their junior program that has grown from 20 to 250 young people. The club also caters for young people (aged between 5 and 17 years) with a disability. It is the wish of the club to provide football uniforms for these youngsters.
Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) Recognitions for Keith Dawson and Tony Alsop:
President David outlined the contribution Keith and Tony made to the successful implementation of the Barwon River Safety Marker Project: from its conception, planning, discussions with authorities, the frustrations, delays and final successful installation of 46 signs along the north and south banks of the Barwon River.
It was a six year test of their patience and persistence.
Keith explained that he conceived the idea in the hope that it would be a hands-on, whole-of-club community project that would demonstrate Rotary’s positive impact on the local community.
He proudly announced that since the project’s completion a few months ago, there have been at least seven calls to the Emergency Services using the markers.
Tony downplayed the essential role he played in the project and praised Keith for his vision and passion, and for seeing it through to completion.
Tony’s professional experience was vital in the project’s implementation.
Both Keith and Tony thanked their partners for their support through the long hard process.
They also thanked Rotarians who contributed along the way.
Keith was presented with his first PHF Recognition by Ross Taylor supported by Eddie Loughnan.
Tony received his PHF Recognition with three sapphires.
The recognitions were greeted with a standing ovation by all present.
Presentation by Lily Reinert, Leopold Community Bank: Partnership with Ambulance Victoria
As an introduction to the presentation by Suzy D’Andrea, Lily Reinert explained the community project that Suzy is leading, supported by the Leopold Branch of the Bendigo Community Bank. The project aims to identify community groups (such as sporting clubs) in possession of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and provide training to build confidence so the members can respond to cardiac arrests within their facilities. The successful partnership model developed between the Leopold Ambulance Station and the Leopold Community Bank will be adopted across Victoria and hopefully across Australia in the longer term.
Presentation by Suzy D’Andrea, Ambulance Victoria:‘How we as bystanders can save a life’
Suzy D’Andrea is a mobile intensive care paramedic, employed by Ambulance Victoria for the past 20 years. She is currently participating in the Ambulance Victoria Leadership Mentoring Program that aligns a paramedic with a Rotarian to develop leadership skills over a 12-month period. President David is her mentor. The project described above is a component of the program.
Suzy commenced her presentation by telling us that Ambulance Victoria attends approximately 6,000 cardiac arrests annually and only one of out of ten survive. For every minute CPR or use of an AED is delayed, survival decreases by 10 per cent. However, bystander involvement can make a significant difference to patient outcomes. Patients who receive bystander CPR have almost twice the survival rate of those who don’t.
The use of an AED increases the rate further.
Suzy provided us with the following information in the fervent hope each of us could become a useful bystander in the event of finding a person who is unresponsive and not breathing.
There are three simple steps:
  1. CALL – phone 000. The call-taker will provide instructions on how to perform CPR and utilize an AED if available.
  2. PUSH –commence cardiac compressions
  3. SHOCK – turn on and use the AED if available.
Suzy emphasized the need for regular maintenance of AEDs.  Check the battery weekly, check that pads are not damaged, and run a self-test to ensure the AED is functioning correctly.
Suzy provided a range of literature and a very handy compression tool that gives an idea as to how hard one has to push in order to undertake CPR appropriately.
We left the meeting with a much better understanding how we can be a useful bystander in the event of a cardiac arrest, while hoping we may never have to use those skills.
(The Bulletin Editor once again thanks Club Secretary Jenny for her excellent and detailing report of the evening).
Announcements, News and Help Required
Future Rotarian :)
Laurent, Thea and Amalie welcomed Sybilla Maeve Franklin to their family.
Born at 7:58am Thursday 24th January, weighing 3.6kg (7.9lb).
Everyone is doing really well.
Smile for Satbir
Images from our recent meetings and functions are available for viewing and downloading on the DS Photo Rotary Album.

Look to The Book
Graeme Fleet will be taking orders for The Entertainment Books in the coming weeks.
RYLA 13-18 April 2019
This is a personal development program for 18 to 25 year olds about which all attendees speak with great enthusiasm and regard. More details available from Kris Adam.

Warracknabeal Trip 6 April
Put it in your diary. More details to follow.
Working With Children ("WWC") Checks and Rotary District Insurance requirements
Remember that in addition to members having the WWC check, the District insurance cover requires 3 referees.
Check the easy to follow step by step guide in the email from Janine.
Upcoming Events section in the Bulletin - What's When and Where?
Please give your upcoming Club events to Warren and Bulletin Editor Peter for inclusion in the Upcoming Events.
Give Warren a bio for the guest speakers you arrange for pre-promotion in the Bulletin.
Members are invited to give ideas for speakers.

Fundraising – Yannick Le Gall
  • Bunnings BBQs of the summer reside around $5,500
  • Dinner Auction to be held on 13 April 2019 and needs members to approach their business and other contacts to secure items and/or services to be auctioned.
Staffing of Hamburger Stand for All Holden Day, Sat 3 March 2019 – Adrian Innes
Adrian is seeking volunteers to help out on 3 March for the following sessions:
  • 7 to 11am
  • 11am to 3pm and
  • 10am to 1pm peak time
Friendship Exchange with Canadian team – Warren Norton
Five couples from Manitoba, Canada will be visiting Geelong from 7 to 11 March.
Four couples will be hosted by Geelong East Rotarians and one by Drysdale.
The bus belonging to the Social Organisation for the Handicapped, driven by John Birrell, will be used to transport the Canadians and their hosts around the area. Thank you John!
Members were asked to indicate whether they would be interested in joining the team in a BBQ in Eastern Park during the weekend of their visit - time and date TBA.
District 9780 Conference in Maryborough 22-24 March – Ross Taylor
Ross encouraged members to attend the D9780 Conference for a weekend of fun, learning, networking and socialising. Cost is $222.
Outcome of Ballarat South Community Raffle – Jenny Acopian
The raffle was finalised last week.
It raised $4,320 through tickets sales, 80 percent of which is retained by Geelong East and 20 percent ($864) remitted to Ballarat South.
In addition, over $130 was received in donations: this figure is to be confirmed when James Dunlop returns from holidays.
Jenny thanked all members for their efforts and returning all tickets stubs and money on time.
New Venue
Due to the short notice give to depart our current venue, the Board met last Tuesday after the regular meeting and discussed five venues that had been short listed to host our Tuesday night meetings. The option that was considered a best fit to our club was chosen for a two month trial to "test the water" before making a long term commitment. The venue is the St Albans Football & Netball Club at 203 St Albans Rd, Thomson (Geelong East). They are providing a large capacity room and are providing the catering by a local chef  to give us a 2 course meal at the same price as we pay now for a single course meal. They will run a bar for us at normal bar prices and have IT equipment that we can use. They (the St Albans Football & Netball Club) have expressed their eagerness to provide this partnership with Our Rotary Club as a means to be mutually beneficial to both organisations.
The main reasons for selecting this venue were (in no particular order): location, cost, facilities, quality, community benefit and availability.
Many thanks to all those who offered suggestions especially Adam Koch, Warren Norton and Jenny Acopian who did much legwork investigating the details of the many options we considered.
The other short listed options were: Belmont RSL, Geelong Golf Club & Geelong East Football Club. Many commercial operators also provided options that were easily dismissed for a variety of reasons.
This is not the first time we have moved and probably won't be the last. Rotarians are resilient and can overcome larger issues than a simple change of address especially if the food is better.
Should you have any questions or comments please let Pres David or myself know.
Yours in Rotary Service,
Tony Alsop (Chris)
President Elect/Director Public Relations
Upcoming Events Coming Up
Committee meetings - Offsite 12 February
The Ghost of Paul Harris 19 February
Dinner Auction - beneficiary speakers
Our last night at The Hub
 26 February
Working with different generations 5 March
Committee Meetings and Member Talk 12 March
Combined Meeting with Drysdale - Canadian Friendship Exchange Mon 18 March
R.J. Vague Award 19 March
New Members Meeting 26 March
Science & Engineering Challenge Dinner - Note: Wednesday night Wed 3 April
 Warracknabeal Trip 6 April
Committee meetings - Offsite 9 April
Dinner auction at RGYC 13 April
Pride & Professionalism Award 16 April
To be advised - ANZAC speaker? 23 April
No Meeting 30 April
Trainee of the Year Award 7 May
Committee Meetings and Member Talk 14 May
 To be advised  21 May
 To be advised  28 May
Social Evening 4 June
Committee meetings - Offsite 11 June
 To be advised  18 June
 To be advised  25 June
Change Over Dinner 2 July
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Attendance for our meeting of 5 February
Present: 26
Percentage: 61.90
Apologies: Kris Adam, Allanah Clifford, Sue & James Dunlop, Harrie Farnaby, Laurent Franklin, Peter Gillham, Jonathan Hepner, Bruce King, Adam Koch, Maxine Leske, Colin McElhinney, Gary Newton, Sam Ramondetta, Andrew Rofe and Andrew Thornton.
Leave of Absence: Warren Norton (to 19 February).

Birthdays: Many happy returns to Alan Backwell who celebrates his birthday on 18 February.
Wedding Anniversaries: None this coming week.
Rotary Anniversaries: We celebrate Yannick’s five years with us on 11 February.