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Last Week's Activity – Off site Committee Meetings
Members met in their service committees to review the work of this first half of the 2019-2020 Rotary year and plan for the second half year.
Announcements, News and Help Required
Rotary Foundation - The Ann Lee Hussey Story
On Tuesday, 19 November, The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Committee of our Club is presenting to the meeting, an outstanding video called “The Ann Lee Hussey Story”.
The occasion is to acknowledge World Polio Day (which was recognised on 24 October as well as Foundation Month.)
The Ann Lee Hussey Story is told by Ms Hussey herself. 
As a child she suffered from polio.
Her story is riveting, courageous and challenging.  Every-one of us who supports Polio Plus should view this video to remind ourselves again what a scourge the disease is.
The Ann Lee Hussey Story, in the opinion of the Club’s Foundation Committee members, rates almost as highly as Gary Newton’s presentation two years ago at the Soup Saver night.
The Foundation Committee is also challenging every member to make an extra donation to the above what you normally give. Rotary International has challenged all clubs world-wide to raise $1500 above what they normally give to the Polio Plus program to help raise another $50 million per year for the next two years to try and stop the polio virus dead in its tracks.
Some 99.99% of the world is free of polio at the moment but Pakistan and Afghanistan are still proving a stumbling block.
Donations can be made through the cashier or by eft and we will leave the appeal open to the 10th Dec this year.
The Foundation meeting on 19 November is a partners’ night.
We hope to see you all in attendance.
Thank you,
From Past President Ross Taylor
Chair, Rotary Foundation Committee
Our Fifty Years Celebration – 23 February 2020
This is the date to join with the members, past members and friends of The Rotary Club of Geelong East in celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the club.
That is two days after our actual Charter Anniversary and is the date of Rotary International's birthday.
Please put aside the date and the organising committee will keep us informed of additional information over the next few months.
Annual General Meeting – 19 November
Members are invited to nominate for Board positions in the 2020-2021 Rotary year.
From the District Governor’s Newsletter
The Southern District Shine On committee is a multi district committee with representatives from Districts 9780, 9790, 9800, 9810, and 9820.
District 9780 is seeking expressions of interest from Rotarians who may be interested in joining the Southern District Shine On Committee.
The Committee aims to fill vacancies ensuring where possible there is a wide geographic spread of committee members throughout the 5 Districts.  The current committee members from district 9780 have been involved for a number of years and would like the opportunity to explore other avenues of service within the Rotary world.
 Shine On “Mission” is to have a focus on honouring outstanding community service by persons with disability. ‘Shine On’ highlights the abilities and skills of the Awards nominees, and their efforts to overcome the limitations of disability, to reach aspired goals and to contribute and achieve.
Please email your expression of interest or any questions to the Graham Thomson via email
Graham is prepared to mentor any prospective Rotarians who want to pursue these vacancies for district 9780.
Vale Past President Charles Almond
We note with sadness the passing of Charles (“Charlie”) Almond who served with distinction as president of our Club in 1976-1977.
Upcoming Events Coming Up
 World Polio Day recognition - The Ann Lee Hussey Story and the Club's Annual General Meeting 19 Nov
 Christ Church Meals (5th Monday) Mon 30 Dec
 Celebration of Rotary International 23 Feb 2020
 District 9780 Conference - Swan Hill 20-22 March 2020
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Meeting Roster

Meeting Date
 19 November 26 November 3 December
Meeting Topic
 Annual General Meeting and Rotary Foundation (The Ann Lee Hussey Story). Cystic Fibrosis Geelong (Leann Tremul) Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) report
 President Tony and PP Ross Taylor PP Warren Norton  Yannick Le Gall
 David Sykes Kris Adam Keith Dawson
 Janine Koch Jenny Acopian Adam Koch
Room & Hosting
 David Beretta and Michael Carroll. Sue Beretta and Keith Dawson Peter Cook & Katherine Sykes
Member Talk
Attendance for the meeting of 5 November
Present: 32
Percentage: 78.05
Apologies: Sue Beretta, Harrie Farnaby, Laurent Franklin, Jonathan Hepner, Adrian Innes, Bruce King, Maxine Leske, Warren Norton and Andrew Rofe.
Honorary Members in attendance: None this week.
Make Ups: None received this week.
Leave of Absence: Jane Bolton (28 October to 20 February), Satbir Chug (23 April to 31 December), Stan Deans (1 November to 31 January and Terry Thornton (15 October to 16 December).
Attendance for Committee meetings in the week of 12 November
Committee chairs are asked to provide attendnance details to Satbir.

Birthdays: Happy birthdays to Eddie Loughnan and Pam Mott for 20 November and for Chris Beretta and Andrew Rofe on 22 November.
Rotary Anniversaries: We celebrate Laurent Franklin’s second year of Rotary service on 21 November and its 5 years for James Dunlop on 25 November.
Wedding Anniversaries: None this coming week.