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Our Meeting of 20 August
Past President Jenny Acopian was our chair for the evening and we welcomed Kathryn Skyes and Lyn Fleet.
We were delighted to have Past President Ross Taylor back in our midst and we shouted out a big “hi” to Terry Thornton who is enjoying Rotary friendship in Canada.
Robyn Campbell is making wonderful progress limb-wise and hopes to qualify for the ladies arm wrestling event at the next Masters Games.
Tony Time
President Tony reminded us that we need to respond to the Whoozin meeting invitation by 6.00 pm Sunday and if we don’t we are “out” unless we call Gary and book in.
Fifteen of our members attended the District Governor’s (DG) visit at the combined Geelong clubs’ meeting.
The DG told the audience that the average age of Rotarians in our District 9780 is 71.
Note to District PR Committee: New wording for bumper sticker: “Rotarians – useful if not youthful!”
Pres Tony thanked all who worked on the St. Albans gate over the football season as their efforts raised around $1,500.00 for the Mark West Foundation.
The Rotary Club of Grovedale Waurn Ponds 40th birthday celebration was another recent opportunity to celebrate the work of Rotarians across our community.
The slide show which runs during our weekly meetings is intended to reduce the number of announcements and provide more time for fellowship.
If you or your committee wish to advertise your project, see Warren or Gary.
Our guest speaker was the charming Sepideh Nowzad who was assisted in meeting the costs of her medical imaging clinical placement by the scholarship which she received from our District’s Rotary Foundation funding stream.
Sep told us about her work and family, her previous life in Iran and thanked Rotary of its support which enabled her to achieve her professional qualification.
Announcements, News and Help Required
Trivia Night – 8 November
This event will benefit the Mark West Foundation. Bring along family and friends and book a table of eight. More details to follow from Yannick.
Taste of Africa – 25 October
Liz Sykes advised that this event which will showcase the African community and culture will take place at the premises of Life Saving Victoria in Port Melbourne. See Liz for more information.
Geelong Show – 17,18 & 19 October
Please put this one in your diaries. We need all hands on deck as we can only give away to our chosen charitable causes that which we make and we make most from this event.
Dues are overdue
Don’t forget to pay your annual dues. You can pay half yearly. Pay by EFT to the Club’s account as per the details in the email you were sent back in late June.
Legacy badge sales – 5, 6 & & September
David Beretta is looking for assistance for 3 shifts per day and 2 persons for each shift. The venue is Newcomb Central.
Defy The Drift
Stan Deans has secured a young person for sponsorship by our Club to attend this program which aims to present students in the later years of secondary education with details of career opportunities which are available in the rural sector.
What’s with the Windfarms?
Stan has secured a speaker for our Club for our meeting of 15 October. It will be a great meeting to which we could invite guests and prospective members.
Lift The Lid – 1 October
Kris Adam via the Old Boy network has secured Greg Ross as a guest speaker on the subject of mental health for our 1 October meeting.
The overseas Rotary Exchange students have adopted this project as the one they will support and they will be attending the meeting. Kris is looking for accommodation for 14 students and 4 Rotarian committee members for that night. See Kris if you can assist. Once again, a great meeting to which we could invite guests and prospective members.
Adventure Awaits….
Dear fellow Rotarians around the world,

As we are marching into the new 2019-2020 Rotary year, the Rotary Club of Alexandria Cosmopolitan - District 2451 – Egypt is wishing you a joyful new Rotary year. 

We are also happy to renew our invitation in this new Rotary year to you and the members of your club to learn more about, and share our Rotary organized initiative, "Cross Egypt Challenge" that aims to promote tourism to Egypt and to prove that Egypt is still safe for tourism. May we all remember that Rotary Cionnencts the World.

We appreciate very much the support many of you have shown in the past few years. We have had the pleasure to welcome many Rotarians to our Cross Egypt Challenge who also have helped us raise awareness and support our beautiful country Egypt that has been suffering from bad mendia int he past few years. It is our duty as Rotarians in this part of the world to show our fellows what real Egypt is, and that it is very safe to visit and enjoy this once a great civilization.

Cross Egypt Challenge is an international cross-country motorcycle and scooter adventure tour conducted throughout the majestic and fascinating Egypt. Participation is open for Rotarians and non-rotarians a like and their accompanying spouses or friends from around the globe. People who do not ride motorcycles can also join this amazing adventure and be hosted in air-conditioned chase vans.

This amazing Rotary project started in 2011 and for the past 8 years, Rotarians and riders from over 45 countries took part  in the adventurous challenge. This year the challenge will start on October 17 and will last for 10 days and will pass by Egypt's top attractions and off the beaten track destinations. 

The 2019 season of Cross Egypt Challenge will include one of the best routes in the history of the challenge and will pass through many of Egypt's finest spots including modern cities, coastal resorts, historical sites, Egyptian western and eastern deserts and Egypt's Nile Valley.

I invite you, your club and the members of your club to join the tour this October, be it on a scooter, on a motorcycle or in our chase vans and enjoy a once in a life-time experience (a motorcycle and scooter rental option is available for international participants). Direct link to the registration application which can be completed in 5 minutes is:
For more information or to register, please visit our website: and LIKE our Facebook page:

We look forward to hearing back from you, welcoming you as a rider in Cross Egypt Challenge 2019.

For any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or me personally.

Ahmad Elzoghby, PHF
Rotary Club of Alexandria Cosmopolitan
Rotary International – District 2451
Alexandria, Egypt

Phone:        +20 (100) 721-0000

The Progressive Dinner – 5 October
This is the new date and more details will follow.
Free Coffee at Satbir’s
We can get free coffee at Satbir's 7-Eleven located at the intersection of Swanston Street, Ryrie Street and Sydney Parade and just across from the Andrew Love Cancer Centre for a donation of $2.00 to his collection for Rotary. Please drop in. He works until 11.00 am.
Our Grand Final Event Meeting – 24 September
Gold Coast Suns CEO Mark Evans will be our guest speaker with the focus on the Fight Cancer Foundation and the AFL’s Footy Colours Day fundraising.
Weekly Dinner Fees Payable Now By Card
We now have the option of paying for our meals by ‘tap and pay’ with no cash required.
Fifth Mondays – Christ Church Meals
The Bulletin’s “Upcoming Events” section now includes the Fifth Mondays which are our Club’s turn at the Christ Church Meals program and all are welcome to come and help out from 3.00 pm.
See Jenny Acopian if you would like to assist.
Upcoming Events Coming Up
 Committee meetings Tues 10 Sept
 Rotary International (RI) President Mark Maloney - Dinner in Ballarat Tues 24 Sept
 Christ Church Meals (5th Monday) Mon 30 Sept
 Progressive Dinner  Sat 5 Oct
 Geelong Show 17 - 20 Oct
 Christ Church Meals (5th Monday) Mon 30 Dec
 District 9780 Conference - Swan Hill 20-22 March 2020
The Next 3 Weeks

Meeting Roster

Meeting Date
 20 August, 2019 27 August, 2019 3 September, 2019
Meeting Topic
 Guest speaker: Sep Nowzad.


 Guest speaker: Tony McManus. To Be Advised.
 Jenny Acopian Graeme Fleet Sue Beretta
 Adrian Innes David Sykes Kris Adam
 Janine Koch John Birrell Adam Koch
Room & Hosting
 Peter Funston & Laurent Franklin. Sue Beretta & Keith Dawson. David Beretta and Michael Carroll
Member Talk
Attendance for the meeting of 20 August
Present: 22
Percentage: 57.89
Apologies: Sue Beretta, Allanah Clifford, Peter Cook, Harrie Farnaby, Jonathan Hepner, Bruce King, Janine Koch, Maxine Leske, Alison Marshall, Sam Ramondetta, Andrew Rofe, Graham Thomson and Andrew Thorton.
Make Ups:
Leave of Absence: Bill Bailey (9 July to 20 August), Satbir Chug (23 April to 29 October), Keith Dawson (8 May to 11 September), James and Susan Dunlop (21 May to 24 September) and Terry Thornton (6 August to 3 September).
Honorary Members in attendance: Lynn Fleet.

Birthdays: Happy birthday to Vicki Thomson for 30 August.
Rotary Anniversaries: None this coming week.
Wedding Anniversaries: None this coming week.