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Our Meeting of 26 March
Adam Koch was our chair and we welcomed our Honorary Members Pam Mott, Lyn Fleet and Judy Innes.
Lucy Koszela and Loretta Tigani from the Lithuanian community’s Geelong Lithuanian Dance Group joined us and received a cheque from the funds raised at our Lithuanian dinner.
We welcomed back Maxine, Keith and Kris Adam after their time away.
We also welcomed guests Julie and Mark Herd and Jan McGowan.
Andrew Rofe is back living in Geelong but working long hours in Melbourne and, with his parenting activities, is not able at present to attend our regular meetings.
We look forward to seeing Andrew when he is able.
President David presented John Birrell and Ian Cation with gifts and thanks for their service (together with our good friend and past member Roger Pierce) in transporting our Canadian Rotary guests around Geelong.
Graeme Fleet’s 30 Year Service Award
We recognised Past President Graeme’s three decades of service with our Club which, with the wonderful support of wife Lyn, has seen Graeme serve in the whole range of club roles and on the District RYLA and Membership committees and as District Secretary and a FAIM (Fourth Avenue in Motion) participant in 1995.
He was the Bulletin Editor in 1990-1991…the good old days of responsible and accurate reporting!
Graeme has been a leading light in the promotion of the Entertainment Book.
R.J. Vague Award
Julie Herd was the very worthy recipient of this award which our Club gives annually to recognise the work in our community of a person who embodies and practically demonstrates the commitment and dedication to the service of others which was so apparent in our esteemed friend and charter member of our Club, the late R.J. (“Bob”) Vague.
Julie Herd has spent her working life as a dedicated primary teacher who encouraged a sense of community and social justice in her students. She recognized the importance of social interaction and fostered this by organizing activities. She ensured this occurred in every school she taught in.
Once she retired, she became involved in the Christ Church Community Meals Program by being part of a group who cooked offsite on a regular basis.
One day she called past to collect meat (not her usual role as she arranged the roster) and discovered the program was short staffed that night. She offered to stay that night and has not left!
After a short time she became the coordinator of the Wednesday evening meal program and has starred in this role for 9 years.
Julie’s manner is an absolute asset to the program – she deals so well with our guests and is particularly adept in encouraging and engaging the groups of school students who come to help.
Her compassion, kindness and understanding of the ethos of the program is clearly demonstrated in the way she deals with guests and particularly latecomers.
She is an active member of the Meals Operations Committee and mostly recently coordinated the Give Where You Live Feed Geelong Lunch held at the end of October.
Before her retirement she was instrumental in setting up the Belmont Toy Library with the assistance of a small group.
For some years she was on the committee of the Alexander Thomson Kindergarten. She willingly took part in many fundraising activities.
Most recently Julie works for Vision Australia reading the newspaper on their radio. She also works through St Luke’s Uniting Church in their program of teaching Conversational English to refugees.
Congratulations, Julie!
Announcements, News and Help Required
Paul Harris Recognition
Ross Taylor asks that we give consideration to persons worthy of this award. Nominations close 26 March.
Polio Plus
Consider making a donation of $26.50 or perhaps $53.00 this week to help fund the push against polio.
Fundraising – Dinner Auction
This is coming up on 13 April at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club
We have secured excellent sponsors and it will be a great night.
Bring friends…and money to spend.
District Assembly – Sunday 28 April
This is an excellent source of Rotary information, inspiration and motivation for all Rotarians and anyone interested in Rotary.
Car pooling is arranged and it is a great day out.
See Tony Alsop to book in.
Rotary Leadership Institute
This is a most comprehensive program for Rotarians who would like to hone their Rotary skills.
It is conducted over 3 days – 7 August, 12 October and 8 February – see Warren Norton for more information.
Youth Exchange
Kris Adam brought us up to speed on the YE program.
You don’t have to be a Rotarian to host a student – just have the necessary checks completed.
We have a Norwegian student coming in June and hosts are sought.
We extended our thanks to James and Sue Dunlop for their years of excellent service on the District Committee.

The Book is upon us….
Graeme Fleet is taking orders for The Entertainment Books (“EBs”).
They represent great value at $60.00 per copy and are a source of funds for our Club in its charitable activities and see Tony Alsop for the app version.
Upcoming Events Coming Up
Club Assembly (at St. Albans) 26 March
Science & Engineering Challenge Dinner - Note: Wednesday night (at St. Albans) Wed 3 April
 Warracknabeal Trip 6 April
Committee meetings - Offsite 9 April
Dinner auction at RGYC 13 April
 No meeting 16 April
To be advised - ANZAC speaker? 23 April
  Christ Church Meals (5th Monday) 29 April
 Pride & Professionalism Award (at St. Albans) - TBC 30 April
Trainee of the Year Award 7 May
Committee Meetings and Member Talk 14 May
 To be advised  21 May
 To be advised  28 May
Social Evening 4 June
Committee meetings - Offsite 11 June
 To be advised  18 June
 To be advised  25 June
Change Over Dinner 2 July
The Next 3 Weeks

Meeting Roster

Meeting Date
26 March, 2019 
Wed 3 April, 2019 
9 April, 2019 
Meeting Topic
Club Assembly 
 Science & Engineering Dinner
Committee Meetings Off Site 
 Pres David & P.E. Tony Alsop 
Tony Alsop 
Peter Funston 
 Keith Dawson 
Terry Thornton  
 John Birrell 
Satbir Chug 
Room & Hosting
 Graham Thomson 
Member Talk
Attendance for our meeting of 19 March
Present: 32
Percentage: 73.33
Apologies: Satbir Chug, Peter Cook, Stan Deans, Harrie Farnaby, Jonathan Hepner, Sue Hill, Gary Newton, Bill Pratt, Sam Ramondetta, Andrew Rofe, Andrew Thorton and Terry Thornton.

Birthdays: No birthdays in the coming week.
Wedding Anniversaries: Congratulations to Sue and James Dunlop who celebrate their 23rd on the 30th.
Rotary Anniversaries: None in the coming week.