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The Evening’s Program – Jane Bolton’s Member Talk
Jane Bolton is another GEI (Great English Import).
Studied biological science at Latrobe University and worked at the State Forensic Science Lab and then to forensic drug analysis.
Her major in botany enabled her to identify marijuana.
Jane worked in the Police Complaints Authority from its inception.
Travelled across the world and met now husband Robert in Turkey.
Moved to Dept of Labour in workforce management to 1991, married Robert, renovated 2 houses and then to conservation work at the State Library.
Ran a bed and breakfast at Beechworth and travelled again extensively.
Robert retired from Victoria Police and Jane worked in community development and tourism.
More renovations and across the Simpson Desert....and 12 months in South America.
Quite a story!
Sounds like….
Jane's been everywhere, man.
Jane's been everywhere, man.
Was always in the air, man.
From Ho Chi Min to Je-Pan.
At customs they declare…
Man, Jane's been everywhere!
Announcements, News and Help Required
From the President
Bruce King has had his operation and is in looking forward to getting back on the water.
Announcements and Reports and Requests
Terry Thornton is off to Canada in August for the return trip of the Rotary fellowship exchange.
Jenny Acopian thanked all who assisted with the Christ Church Meals Program on 29 April with a record number of meals served and free vaccinations.
Peter Funston is calling for nominations for the Trainee of the Year award.
Peter also advised that the tree planting day this year will be 28 July with details to follow.
Robert Wheeler reported that the Dinner Auction with 129 guests raised over $15,000.00.
The event received an excellent photo spread in the Geelong Advertiser.
Once again, our thanks go to the very generous sponsors and donors and to the extremely hardworking committee under Yannick’s leadership which produced this wonderful result.
Report on District Assembly
President Elect Tony Alsop reported on the District 9780 Learning and Development Assembly (previously known as “District Assembly”) which was attended by 10 members of our Club on Sunday 28 April.
District Governor Elect Rosanne Kava introduced RI President Elect Mark Maloney and the 2019-2020 theme of “Rotary Connects the World”.
The key priorities will be to increase Rotary’s impact, expand the reach of the organization, enhance participation and engagement, increase our ability to adapt and focus on family and the inclusion of family within Rotary service.
There is a new Assistant Governor for Membership (John Crawford from Lara) who will be looking for Rotarians to join that District committee to renew and expand Rotary membership.
The triannual Council on Legislation at RI (Rotary International) means an update to Club bylaws and constitution which in turn requires changes to rules of our Club and compliance with Consumer Affairs Victoria incorporation regulations.

Entertainment Book
Graeme Fleet has the book Book and Tony Alsop has the app Book so you can look literary or “techy” and impress those around you whilst saving money each time you eat out.
Swap Meet on Saturday 11 May
This is another Hamburger Stand catering opportunity which can produce around $3,000.00 for our charitable projects funds.
Adrian is looking for members and friends and families to help out in the 7.00 am to 11.00 am or 11.00 am to 3.00 pm shift or any period within those times.
It is a wonderful opportunity for those who have already voted to get their DSM (Democracy Sausage Mouthful) and make a contribution to a worthy cause.
Eddification - A tough week for Rotary and polio has had many challenges.
Pakistan in the last two weeks has seen four polio workers killed, the federal health minister sacked, the head of the federal polio emergency operating centre replaced and a propaganda campaign against the program that involved fake illnesses to fake polio vaccines that led to a hysteria that led 10s of thousands of children to needlessly go to hospitals.  As the week's NID was wrapping up, the follow up quality assessments and other activities were suspended due to concern about worker safety and the general instability especially in Khyber.
There are conflicting reports in the media regarding  a decision to suspend the NID related activities. I encourage you to google Pakistan polio and to read some of the news accounts. 
There are also two new polio cases in the lab in Pakistan which will be in the official  count next week.  We had three new cases in Afghanistan last week which are in the official  count. 
Thus we have gone from 9 to 12 officially with two more now known. 
The next rounds are not due until after Ramadan which gives us a couple of months to regroup and strategize. 
I always like to also mention some positive points but it is difficult. We did have one important environmental site this week evolve from positive to no evidence of polio. 
Afghanistan also is at a bad point this week.  The Taliban shut down all immunizations in their area of control.  They had earlier banned house to house and now have evolved to all immunizations.  Tremendous effort is now underway to reverse this action. 
All is good in the AFRO region with no new wild polio cases.  We do have some vaccine derived cases and they are being addressed.
(Taken from information provided by Campaign Chairman Past RI Vice President Michael K McGovern)
More Eddifiction - Council elevates Rotaract.
The 2019 Council has completed its work.
Among its most important actions, the Council elevated the status of Rotaract clubs, allowing them to join Rotary International the way that Rotary clubs do.
The change is intended to increase the support that Rotaract clubs receive from RI and to enhance their ability to serve.
The Council is made up of representatives from each Rotary district, and meets every three years in Chicago, Illinois, USA, to review the rules that govern the organization.
Anam Cara
Anam Cara provides hospice care in Geelong and has outgrown its current building next to St Mary’s Basilica in Myers St.
They are proposing a new facility located on the Deakin University Campus at Waurn Ponds which will cost $18 million.
This facility will provide 20 beds (they now have 4), day care rooms and will incorporate educational places for workplace training.
Five million dollars has been sourced from the Australian Government, another $5 million is being sought from the Victorian Government and the remaining $8 million is being asked of the local community.
Please see President David if you wish to attend the dinner auction on the 16th May at Truffleduck which is partnering with Rotary and providing the dinner at zero cost so that the total cost for tickets will go to the fundraising for this project.

Help Wanted – Volunteers for RYDA Youth Road Safety Program – Monday 27 May
Karen Pecar who is the president of the Rotary Club of Queenscliff is seeking the assistance of Rotarians for this progam.
Six Rotary volunteers are required to guide groups of students from session to session.
The students will be supervised by class teachers.
The program runs at Beckley Park, Corio and volunteers will be required from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm with morning tea and lunch provided.
Please contact President Karen on 0437 356 013 for more details and to sign up.

Fifth Mondays – Christ Church Meals
The Bulletin’s “Upcoming Events” section now includes the Fifth Mondays which are our Club’s turn at the Christ Church Meals program and all are welcome to come and help out from 3.00 pm.
See Jenny Acopian if you would like to assist.

Assisting in our community
We have been asked by the St. Albans Football Club and the Newcomb Football Club to assist in looking after the gate at home games.
The job is to take the admission cost as vehicles enter.
If you would like to assist, contact President David.
The dates our Club is rostered on are set out in the Bulletin’s “Upcoming Events” section.

Sue’s in when Sue’s out
With Sue Beretta overseas, Sue Dunlop will be managing Whoozin for the next few weeks.
Knock, knock…Whoozin?
Tony Alsop reminded us that 6.00 pm Sunday is the latest time to book in with Whoozin.

Rotary Leadership Institute
This is an opportunity to explore leadership opportunities and expand/update your Rotary knowledge.
The program is conducted at 5 centres across the District  (Charlton, Terang, Geelong, Casteron and Ballarat) and each has 3 days to the program, the first in August or September, the second in October or November and the third in February of 2029.
Registrations close 30 June 2019 and the Geelong dates are 17 August, 12 October and 8 February.
Past President Warren Norton has more information and registration information.
Rotary Social Trip to Bendigo Art Gallery
The Rotary Club of Highton has organised a day trip by coach to the Bendigo Art Gallery, to see the "Tudor to Windsor" Exhibition, on Sunday July 7th.  l would like to extend an invitation to your club members to join us if they are interested. The exhibition has received really good reviews. It is purely a social day. 
Rotarian Dale McIntyre from RC Belmont will be our coach driver, and will provide morning tea along the way. Lunch is at your own expense, and will be at the Rising Sun Hotel, Bendigo. This hotel is near the Art Gallery, has good meals, the publican is my cousin Pat, and Pat is a Rotarian! He was a founding member of the Rotary Club of Bendigo-Sandhurst. 
We have reserved 50 tickets for the Exhibition, and entry for our booking is at 2 pm.  
Barb Sheehan
Rotary Club of Highton
Mobile: 0419 343 143
Upcoming Events Coming Up
 Christ Church Meals (5th Monday) Mon 29 April
 St. Albans Football Gate Duty  Sat 4 May
 Fun Night 7 May
 Swap Meet catering - Saturday 11 May
 Committee Meetings and Member Talk 14 May
 "Working with Different Generations"  21 May
 St. Albans Football Gate Duty Sat 25 May
 Ashley Hall - graduate scholar 28 May
 St. Albans Football Gate Duty Sat 1 June
 Pancake Night 4 June
 Committee planning meetings - St. Albans 11 June
 St. Albans Football Gate Duty Sat 15 June
 New Members' Managed Night 18 June
 St. Albans Football Gate Duty Sat 22 June
 Pride & Professionalism Award - maybe a vocational visit (TBC) 25 June
 Change Over Dinner 2 July
 St. Albans Football Gate Duty Sat 13 July
 St. Albans Football Gate Duty Sat 20 July
 Tree Planting Day Sun 28 July
 Christ Church Meals (5th Monday) Mon 29 July
 St. Albans Football Gate Duty Sat 10 Aug
 Christ Church Meals (5th Monday) Mon 30 Sep
 Christ Church Meals (5th Monday) Mon 30 Dec
The Next 3 Weeks

Meeting Roster

Meeting Date
7 May, 2019 
14 May, 2019 
21 May, 2019  
 28 May, 2019
Meeting Topic
Fun Night 
Committee Meetings & Member Talk  
Shona Eland - Working with Different Generations 
 Ashley Hall -  Scholar Graduate
  National Volunteer Week 
Laurent Franklin   
Peter Funston   
Tony Alsop  
Keith Dawson   
David Beretta 
Adam Koch 
Liz Sykes  
John Birrell  
Bill Bailey  
Room & Hosting
Adam Koch  
Sue Beretta  
Liz Sykes 
Member Talk
James Dunlop  
Public Relations  
Rotary Foundation 
Attendance for our meeting of 30 April
This will be provided when available.

Birthdays: Many happy returns to Bill Bailey for 12 May and Don Macvean for 13 May.
Rotary Anniversaries: We celebrate Anna Fletcher’s 23rd Rotary anniversary on 7 May and Jenny Acopian’s 20th on 8 May.
Wedding Anniversaries: None in the coming week.