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Last Week's Program



The Evening’s Program
We welcomed Friend Heather Campbell and Past President Anna Fletcher.
Liz was our chair for the evening and we met in our service committees.
Quick Committee Reports
There will be an International- theme dinner next year
The Membership Committee will be looking at mentoring and helping new members and we will all be asked to give the names of 2 potential members.
The Fundraising Committee has the Pancake Night and wine (and other items) auction coming up and Sailability will come along to collect their cheque.
Thank you letters are going out.
The board game idea is being worked up.
Call by the Mind Games shop in Geelong to investigate the concept.
The Committee has a budget of $14,000.00 for the coming Rotary year.
The Youth Committee looking at the distribution of books to children.

Jenny Acopian's 20th anniversary in Rotary
President David presented Jenny with an award to mark her 20 years in Rotary.
Jenny joined on 8 May 1999 with the classification of “Tertiary Education Services” and was sponsored by Robert Wheeler.
Adrian Innes was President in that year which saw 3 new members inducted.
Jenny has be a tireless worker, an inspirational leader and a pivotal member of our Club through her Rotary life.
Jenny was Club Secretary in 2000-01, 2001/02, 2002/03 and Vice President in 2003/04, a member of the Vocational Committee in 2004/05 and 2005/06, Vice President in 2006/07, President Elect & Director of Club Administration in 2007/08 and President in 2008/09   in which the RI (Rotary International) theme was “Make Dreams Real”.
Jenny was Director - Service Projects in 2009/10 in which year the Club received a District Literacy Award for our significant support of literacy has helped strengthen individual dignity and self worth of people, thereby strengthening the foundations of international goodwill, understanding and peace.
Jenny Acopian headed up this project.
An article written by Jenny on Mine Action was added to our home page as well as the District web site.
Jenny was recognised with a Club Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) Recognition.
She was Director - Service Projects   in 2010/11 and 2011/12 and chaired the Scholars sub-committee in from 2011 through 2015 and a member to 2016.
The chair of our Club’s Community Service Committee from 2012 through 2015 and thanks to Jenny Acopian, an article about our recipient of the “R.J.Vague Award”, Joan Longmore appeared in The Geelong News and the accompanying photograph featured Olwyn Vague, who was able to join us for the presentation of the award named in her late husband’s honour.
In the 2013/14 Rotary year, Jenny Acopian received a second sapphire to add to her PHF Recognition.
Jenny’s attendance has been in the highest levels throughout  her 20 years of membership (in 2014/15 100% attendance).
She was Director - Service Projects in 2015/16 and Club Secretary currently and in the preceding years of 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18.
We are privileged to have Jenny in our Club with her energy and wisdom.
She is a treasure!
Announcements, News and Help Required
The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Committee Report - from PP Ross Taylor
Centurion Presentation:
One of the ways of raising money for The Rotary Foundation (TRF) is by giving on a regular basis.  One of the ways this can be done is by becoming a Centurion, which means contributing AUD$100 a year.  This Club has many Centurions.  It is my pleasure along with President David to present certificates and badges to the following members who have become Centurions.
                Sue Dunlop
                James Dunlop
                Sam Ramondetta
                Satbir Chug
Thank you for your support of TRF in this very positive way.
Anniversary of Rotary International:
Our Club celebrated the Rotary International Anniversary (which falls on 23rd February) by reprising an interview between Paul Harris and a professional interviewer, Childs that took place in Tuskegee, Alabama on the 20th of  December, 1945.  It was an extraordinary interview which touched on where Paul Harris thought Rotary would be in the years that followed.  Our own PP Peter Gillham played Paul Harris and one of our newer members, Gary Newton, played the interviewer, Leland Childs.  It was done with a humorous touch and was one of the meeting highlights of the year.
The Commottee challenged members to donate $26.50 each for the occasion as this was the amount of the first donation to TRF.  We raised $241, which, along with the $1,184 raised for the anniversary of World Polio Day, made a very healthy $1,425 extra to donate to Polio Plus.
Thank you to all those members who donate so willingly and generously to TRF and particularly to Polio Plus.
Further polio outbreaks:
As PDG Eddie Loughnan has both announced and written in Dispatches from the East, there have been further sporadic outbreaks of polio infection in the last two countries that are still classified as endemic.  They are Afghanistan (7) and Pakistan (11).  Internal political upheaval along with some dubious activities of the Taliban, are making it extremely difficult and hazardous for polio workers to inoculate all the children.  As well, there are 9 reported cases to the 8th May, 2019 of vaccine derived polio in Nigeria (7), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (1) and Saudia Arabia (1).  It is certainly not a time ‘to take our foot off the accelerator’ in regarding our support of the End Polio Now program.
TRF Giving:
Rotary Club Central, to date, shows that with the help of two sizeable donations by the Board, we have donated US$5,125 to the Annual Fund.  This is the fund that the District is pushing.  It is also one of the goals to achieve a Rotary Citation to donate USD$100 per member to the AF.  To date we have also donated USD$5125 to Polio Plus with a lot more to come as we near the end of the financial year.
Member preferences with their donations:
PDG Eddie Loughnan, is contacting all members who have donated to TRF in May to confirm the amounts along with their preferences in placing their contributions either with Polio Plus or the Annual Fund.
PP Ross Taylor
The Rotary Foundation Committee
Christ Church
Janine distributed flyers for 25 May Christ Church fundraising winter woollies.
The demand for meals is growing all the time so fundraising is important.

Working With Children Checks (WWC)
Make a point of getting your WWC done.

Hamburger Stand Report
John Birrell advised that we made a profit of around  $3,000.00 from The Swap Meet.
President Elect Tony on behalf of the Club thanked John and Adrian for all the hard work they do in meal matters.

Entertainment Books Report
We have sold 70 so far and Graeme Fleet will supply additional copies if required.

The New Members will take over the meeting on 18 June
Members who have joined the club in the last two years will, as a group, design and conduct the Club’s 18 June meeting.
The objective of the night, is to have these new members design and conduct a meeting in the style that they as a group believe suits a modern club that is appealing to people such as themselves and other potential members and brings diversity to the club whilst catering for the current members as well.
The new member group may choose to change the venue, do away with elements of the current format in which they see no value in (or keep them, as they see fit).
  • The only current meeting item that must be used is Announcements, however, they do not have to be in the same format.
  • There will be a meeting focus (i.e. purpose).
  • Meeting design and allocation of tasks and roles will be by agreement of the new members’ group.
  • Should a speaker or activity be considered as part of the meeting, the new members’ group will approach the speaker and / or design the activity.
  • The location, cost and focus must be determined by the new members’ group
  • The new members will endeavour to each bring at least one friend to the meeting and gain feedback from them about the appeal (or otherwise) of such a meeting and this will be a good opportunity to bring in some “new” new members.
Member Talk - James Dunlop in 5 minutes.
James and Sue are heading off for 4 months overseas travel and are intent on seeing all there is to be seen including the puffins, Iceland and Gilbert & Sullivan.
Disability Inclusion in Volunteering – a Geelong Community Forum
This event which is free, open to all and takes place on Thursday 30 May from 9.30 am to 1.00 pm at The Eastern Hub, 285A McKillop Street, East Geelong is a project of Victoria Alive and Volunteering Geelong and will look at how people with a disability can be part of the great volunteering movement.
Enquiries can be made to and you can register your interest and attendance at
Position, position, position
Not only are these reputed to be the three most important considerations when buying real estate, they are there for us to select as we move towards the new Rotary year in July.
President Elect (PE) Tony has handed out sheets headed “Rotary Club of Geelong East – 2019/2020 Club Committees and Positions” and has invited us to indicate our choice of Club (and if we are so inclined, District) roles in the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 Rotary years.
There is a task to suit, inspire and satisfy us all so fill in that form and get it back to PE Tony.
Our 28 May meeting – Youth Focus
Ashley Hall, our graduate scholar & Andrew Douglass, ourpast Rotary Exchange student and our attendee at the recent Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) will be our speakers on 28 May.
Members are encouraged to bring along as guests young adults 18 to 25 years to learn of the practical application of Rotary’s youth programs.
Young adults are everywhere – grandchildren, nieces and nephews, neighbours, baristas…so bring them along to experience Rotary.
A new member or two in the 18 to 25 age range will enliven the Club and get us well set for the coming years.
Pancake Night and Auction – 4 June 
This is part of our weekly Tuesday evening meetings at St. Albans so you will be able to book through Whoozin.
Our Auctioneer for the evening is none other than our own Laurent Franklin.
We have also invited Graeme Ritchie from Sailability who will be presented with the proceeds from the recently held Dinner Auction. 
Families and friends are most welcome to come along and bring items for auction.
The “Booze in a Bag” auction which proved a corker at the Dinner Auction is on again so all members are asked to donate a bottle of wine.
The Club’s new website
Our Club’s webpage has been updated and service committee chairs can place stories there regarding their projects and activities
This is our public face and Warren and Gary can help members write those stories.
Remember that the Bulletin is for internal Club communication.
Trainee of the Year Award nominations sought
Peter Funston is calling for nominations for the Trainee of the Year award.
Help Wanted – Volunteers for RYDA Youth Road Safety Program – Monday 27 May
Karen Pecar who is the president of the Rotary Club of Queenscliff is seeking the assistance of Rotarians for this progam.
Six Rotary volunteers are required to guide groups of students from session to session.
The students will be supervised by class teachers.
The program runs at Beckley Park, Corio and volunteers will be required from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm with morning tea and lunch provided.
Please contact President Karen on 0437 356 013 for more details and to sign up.

Fifth Mondays – Christ Church Meals
The Bulletin’s “Upcoming Events” section now includes the Fifth Mondays which are our Club’s turn at the Christ Church Meals program and all are welcome to come and help out from 3.00 pm.
See Jenny Acopian if you would like to assist.

Assisting in our community
We have been asked by the St. Albans Football Club and the Newcomb Football Club to assist in looking after the gate at home games.
The job is to take the admission cost as vehicles enter.
If you would like to assist, contact President David.
The dates our Club is rostered on are set out in the Bulletin’s “Upcoming Events” section.
The football volunteers are getting around $200.00 for each week we provide the service.
Rotary Leadership Institute
This is an opportunity to explore leadership opportunities and expand/update your Rotary knowledge.
The program is conducted at 5 centres across the District  (Charlton, Terang, Geelong, Casteron and Ballarat) and each has 3 days to the program, the first in August or September, the second in October or November and the third in February of 2029.
Registrations close 30 June 2019 and the Geelong dates are 17 August, 12 October and 8 February.
Past President Warren Norton has more information and registration information.
Upcoming Events Coming Up
 Committee Meetings and Member Talk 14 May
 "Working with Different Generations"  21 May
 Christ Church - Winter Woolies sale 25 May
 Ashley Hall - graduate scholar & Andrew Douglass on RYLA 28 May
 St. Albans Football Gate Duty Sat 1 June
 Pancake Night - St. Albans 4 June
 Committee planning meetings - St. Albans 11 June
 St. Albans Football Gate Duty Sat 15 June
 New Members' Managed Night 18 June
 St. Albans Football Gate Duty Sat 22 June
 Pride & Professionalism Award - maybe a vocational visit (TBC) 25 June
 Change Over Dinner 2 July
 Bendigo Art Gallery Trip (RC Highton) 7 July
 Committee Meetings and Member Talk 9 July
 St. Albans Football Gate Duty Sat 13 July
 St. Albans Football Gate Duty Sat 20 July
 Tree Planting Day Sun 28 July
 Christ Church Meals (5th Monday) Mon 29 July
 St. Albans Football Gate Duty Sat 10 Aug
 Christ Church Meals (5th Monday) Mon 30 Sep
 Christ Church Meals (5th Monday) Mon 30 Dec
The Next 3 Weeks

Meeting Roster

Meeting Date
21 May, 2019  
 28 May, 2019 4 June, 2019
Meeting Topic
Shona Eland - Working with Different Generations 
 Ashley Hall -  Scholar Graduate Pancake Night
  National Volunteer Week 
Tony Alsop  
 Jenny Acopian Yannick Le Gall
Adam Koch 
 Peter Funston David Beretta
Bill Bailey  
 Laurent Franklin John Birrell
Room & Hosting
Liz Sykes 
 Warren Norton Bill Bailey
Member Talk
 Board Vocational
Attendance for our meeting of 14 May
Present: 30
Percentage: 73.81
Apologies: Kris Adam, Sue Beretta, Robyn Campbell, Stan Deans, Harrie Farnaby, Laurent Franklin, Peter Funston, Jonathan Hepner, Adrian Innes, Bruce King, Maxine Leske and Andrew Rofe.
Make Ups: Kris Adam at Rotary Exchange weekend (30 April).
Leave of Absence: Satbir Chug (23 April to 29 October).

Birthdays: Happy birthday to Sue Beretta for 28 May.
Rotary Anniversaries: None coming up this week.
Wedding Anniversaries: None coming up this week.
Note from the Bulletin Editor: Check your details on ClubRunner (or ask a tech-savvy member to assist you to do so) and make sure your “dates and details” are correct as the information for this “Birthdays, Rotary Anniversaries and Wedding Anniversaries” section is taken from the member records on ClubRunner.