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Last Week's Program
Our Meeting of 28 July

(The Bulletin Editor thanks PP David Sykes for this report)

President Yannick welcomed our guest speaker Noel Howard and eleven visitors from the  Rotary Clubs of  Highton, Geelong, Grovedale Waurn Ponds, Belmont, and Kardinia, plus our members making 35 attending the zoom event.
PP Noel is the District 9780 Rotary Australia World Community Services (RAWCS) Co-ordinator and presented on Rotarians Against Malaria.
(Would had been much quicker to say: PP Noel D9780 RAWCS presented on RAM).
What is RAM?    Rotarians Against Malaria is a volunteer run organisation working to eliminate malaria.
The enemy:        Females of the Mosquito variety.
Project:                 To eliminate malaria, and is a work in progress.
Extent:                 100 countries affected, with RAM focus areas of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Timor Leste
Impact:                 Malaria is deadly, early treatment prevents liver damage and a lifetime of suffering.
RAM partners:   W.H.O. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Global fund plus others
Vaccine?              Has had limited success
Program:             Aim to break the cycle of infection through distribution of bed nets, spraying, education, drainage and treatment plus collaboration with other NGOs and Governments.
There are RAM scholarships to support research.
The outcome of RAM support has been significant.
For example, Timor Leste has gone from 2006 with 220 malaria incidences per 1,000, to now 0.7 per 100,000 which is a remarkable achievement.
President Yannick thanked Noel for his presentation and was unable to spirit our usual speaker gift to Noel.
Our meeting of 4 August
Gary managed the tech and Jenny was our chair for the evening’s Zoom meeting.
We welcomed our guest Sarah Brown.
President Yannick reminded us that August is Membership Month and we should remember our members and keep in touch with those we are not seeing regularly at our Zoom meetings.
Let PP Tony and the Membership Committee know what you value and want from your membership.
And we congratulate Tony on his Meritorious Service Award recognizing many decades of devotion to the scouting movement. Well done, Tony!
Our guest speaker was Wolfgang Marx who is a post-doctoral fellow at Deakin University who tells us that poor diet is the number 1 contributor to the global burden of ill-health.
We are eating more processed food and ready-made meals and 95% of people are having insufficient vegetables.
Food influences our mood and neuropsychological disorders predominate in the overall burden of ill-health.
Whilst there may be things we can’t change to improve our mental health, but if diet is a factor we can change what we eat.
So, Wolfgang’s “take home” is give away the take away and veg out!
Feed up on fibre, fermented and colourful foods. Pig out on polyphenols, gobble garlic and don’t resist that resistant starch.
In September, Wolfgang’s group is offering a free online course.
Check out or go to Twitter.
Announcements, News and Help Required
From President Yannick
In these unprecedented times, it is important that we keep in touch and continue to look after ourselves. This isolation thing is tough, for some more than others. Whether adjusting to loneliness being on your own or you're balancing virtual work at home you need to make sure you're putting your mental well being ahead of anything else. 
As Rotarians we all have a responsibility to check in on each other and open up the lines of communication. There are many ways to keep in touch:
  • All our contact details are available in ClubRunner for any of our members to use;

  • The new Thursday Zoom Cafe Chat line will be open for anyone who feels like a quick catch up over a cup of tea or coffee. Details on how to drop in will follow shortly. 

  • And if Zoom isn't your thing, our Welfare Officer, Allanah, is more than open to a chat over the phone. 

Staying connected has never been so important as is our well being! 
YIRS & Stay Safe
Editor N Trouble
Your Beloved Bulletin Editor’s laptop is suffering an intermittent fault with its “N” key.
As a cosequece, you may see certain words misspelt.
Apologies in advace to Presidet Yaick ad Past Presidets Toy Alsop ad Jey Acopia ad particularly Aa Fletcher.
The Editor will edeavour so far as is possible to avoid the use of words cotaiig the letter “” ad maitai the high standard (see, sometimes its okay!) for which the Bulleti of the Rotary Club of Geelog East is rightly famous.
Plan for the Celebration of the Centenary of Rotary
Kris Adam reported on the work of a committee of representatives of the Rotary clubs around Geelong for a relay with the Centenary baton around the Bellarine Peninsula beginning on a Saturday morning and ending Sunday evening at Geelong City Hall.
Members can walk or cycle from their starting point to the next designated point where the baton will be passed to the next Rotary Club.
Our Club would possibly pass to the Rotary Club of Drysdale who may like to involve the train and/or cycle to Queenscliff where the former members of the Rotary Club of Queenscliff would move the baton on to Ocean Grove to Torquay and then up the Torquay Road to Grovedale, Belmont, Kardinia & Highton with Geelong Central do final leg with DG Phil presenting the baton to the Mayor and City of Geelong for perpetual display.
Families, Friends of Rotary, supported/sponsored organisations invited to join in a leg or two.
More information will be supplied as the concept comes together.
Ballarat South Raffle
Its time you got booked! And that goes for your family, friends, workmates and other “Close Contacts”.
But the Ballarat South Raffle has to contend with “This Virus” so Sue and James Dunlop need to know from us some idea on the numbers of books that we think we might be able to sell to provide feedback to the Ballarat South RC.
Sue and James tell us that The Rotary Club of Ballarat South is committed to conducting the annual raffle in years to come and we may also have the opportunity to conduct the raffle this year.
Over the past few years this has been a significant fundraiser for our Club where the first and second prize is usually a car and previously we contacted the RC Ballarat South and ordered books of 10 - tickets face value $20.
This year they have asked us how many books of tickets we might be able to sell.
Unless the Covid-19 situation in Victoria changes dramatically, we do not anticipate being able to sell tickets the way we traditionally have at Dan Murphy’s.
 Sue and James are aware that many Rotarians purchase books for themselves or their families and friends.
To this end, Sue and James ask each of us to advise how many books we feel we could sell (including purchasing for ourselves) this year. Most, if not all Rotary clubs are limited in fundraising this year and so this may be one important way of raising funds for the Rotary Club of Geelong East. 

Feedback please to Sue and James:

How many books do you think you are likely to purchase either for friends and family or yourself?
(Unsold books can be returned, extra books can be organised.)
Please think about this.  Please consider family, friends and neighbours who may purchase tickets, or indeed whole books. Remember, the tickets can be used as gifts.
Other Club’s Bulletins
Club Secretary Jenny has advised that the Rotary Clubs of Lara and Colac West have started sending their weekly bulletins to our Club and are available from Jenny.
Getting to know our members of the Rotary Club of Geelong East
Whilst we can’t meet face to face as a Club, we can keep connected through the Bulletin and social media.
Members are invited to send the Bulletin Editor some information about themselves which they would like to share.
Maybe use the following format which gives us the “goss” on PP Tony:
Name:             Tony Alsop
Roles in Rotary:        Director Membership
                Immediate Past President
                Chair – Science & Engineering Challenge - Geelong
Rotary Fellowships and Action Groups:
Cruising Rotarians
Food:               Fish & Chips
Old Movie:       Africa Queen & The Great Escape
Recent Movie: Blade Runner
Book:               Lord of the Rings
Author:            Isaac Asimov
Season:           Summer
Colour:            Green
Animal:            Cat
Sporting Team:        Geelong Cats
Hobbies: Collecting stamps, coins, cards, military memorabilia, pins, keys, etc
First Car: Holden Torana (mint green)
Things I love doing outside of work and Rotary: Going to the beach no matter what the weather as long as it is not windy
Something you may not know about me: Christine and I built and raced a saloon car in speedway. The building included substantial modifications to the body and installation of steel tube frame and total rework of the motor.
What superpower would I like to have and why? Teleportation – so that I could visit all the places on my very long bucket list.
If I could be an animal for a day it would be and why? An eagle – so that I could see the places I visit from high above.
If I didn’t live in Australia I would like to live in – Fiji, the people are really friendly and it is tropical.
Upcoming Events Coming Up
Our Club meetings and District events are happening via video conferencing during the COVID-19 restrictions.
See Club Runner for the updated calendar of upcoming events and meetings.
The date of our return to meeting at St. Albans Football Club awaits confirmation and the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions etc.
The Next 3 Weeks
DateActivityCoursesVenueChair SergeantRoom (Hosting)CashierMeeting
Tues 18 AugBruce McEwen - Operation Cleft  Peter Cook    
Tues 25 AugCommittee Presentations  Janine    
Mon 31 AugChristchurch Meals Project (4.30 pm - 6.30 pm) TBC       
Tues 1 SepEllen Verriers - Member's Talk  Tony Alsop    
We thank Satbir for his excellent work in maintaining our attendance records across the last Rotary year.

Birthdays: Best wishes to Peter Funston and Robyn Campbell who celebrated their birthdays yesterday 17 August and many happy returns to Anna Fletcher for her birthday coming up on 20 August.
Wedding Anniversaries: Congratulations to Sam Ramondetta and Karen who celebrated their seventh anniversary yesterday 17 August and our special best to Ross and Elizabeth Taylor for their 50th on 22 August.
Rotary Anniversaries: Cheers to Graham Thomson who clocked up 13 years on 14 August.