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Our meeting of 26 March
Tony Alsop was our chair for our Club Assembly and we welcomed Jane Bolton.
President David provided a report on the recent District Conference at Maryborough.
President David and Liz, Past President Kris Adam, James Dunlop, Past President Ross Taylor and Elizabeth attended with PDG Eddie Loughnan and Val.
The weekend provided excellent fellowship and a range of topics from Australian Rotary Health and the abolition of nuclear weapons through to the inspiration qualities of laughter.
Past RI (Rotary International) director Noel Trevaskis spoken on the importance of service as a reason to become and, equally as important, stay a Rotarian.
John Prendergast from Invercargill, New Zealand brought us the story of the “Next Rotary Generation” which focuses on membership in the early 30’s age group where a family-inclusive and service-orientated program is increasingly popular.
Club Assembly
What is a Club Assembly?
It is an opportunity for members to discuss the operation of the Club and allows the general membership to look at goal setting and develop action plans, to co-ordinate committee activities, to understand how the Club’s action plans are implemented, to participate in informal discussions that stimulate creative solutions, to learn about Rotary and its programs and review the Club’s strengths and weaknesses.
Relevant topics for discussion at Club Assemblies include annual and long-range goals, service projects and club activities, membership growth and retention strategies, District Conference or other district and RI (Rotary International) meetings, Rotary programs and indeed any topic raised in an open forum.
Our meeting format - could our meeting format be changed?
It is open to interested Rotarians to suggest new formats and, if they feel able to do so, to run the meeting to “road-test” that format.
As a starter, our newer members (those inducted over the last 2 years) will run our meeting on the 18 June.

Less talk…..and more discussion?
With more information coming to members on line and via email and the Bulletin would give more time for discussion at the meetings and fewer announcements.
and more information?
……about our projects and share information at and during weekly meetings so that all members know what's going on?
Should we look at maintaining onsite meetings in the lead up to important events - such as the dinner auction?
Acknowledging those members who have passed

Recognition of deceased members at Changeover each year would be a fitting and appropriate tribute.

Forward planning

Can we think about a 5 year plan for our projects?

Let's consider and implement projects that don't cost money - this reflects service rather than fundraising.
We are a service club or perhaps we should be talking to the community about what the community wants and what our Club could do?

Could we, for example, use our personal resources to assist the elderly? This may be a community engagement project which might appeal to younger people.

Can we get back to more "hands on" service activities?

Attending aged care facilities to hear and share the stories in our community connects us with our community and may give ideas for other service opportunities.

Assisting and mentoring another community group to raise funds – for example, from a Bunnings BBQ.
What might assist our thinking is to undertake a community needs survey utilising with our Club’s existing contacts.
If we think “service” rather than “fundraising”, we broaden the range of possibilities to assist our community.
More fellowship
Service opportunities and fundraising ideas may well present themselves when Club members meet in informal groups – could our 5th Tuesdays be fellowship meetings?

We need to think about "projects" rather than "budgets".

Don't let the inability to put together a project proposal stop you. There are many members within our Club who have the knowledge, experience and skill to help you “sell” your idea.

Can we consider a community needs survey to find out what we can do?

We can assist other community groups to source grant funding and we have members with great experience and skills in preparing grant proposals.
From the President Elect Tony Alsop
Tony attended MDPELDS – Multi District Presidents Elect Leadership Development Seminar.
Support four key areas.
·         Strengthen our clubs through membership
·         Enhance public image and awareness
·         Governance & Insurance
·         Supporting our Foundation
P.E. Tony spoke about the Multi District Presidents' Training seminar he recently attended (MDPELDS – Multi District Presidents Elect Leadership Development Seminar).

Fellowship, integrity, service and leadership are the core values of Rotary.

Tony reported that on the important matter of child safety, Form 3 declarations are essential for Rotarians to continue to have relatively cheap insurance.

Permitting a person to work with children who does not have a current Working with Children Check risks significant fines for the Club and the individual.
The 2019-2020 R.I. theme is “Rotary Connects The World” and our District 9780 Conference will be held in Swan Hill between 20 and 22 March, 2020.
The Rotary International Convention will be held in Melbourne between 27 and 31 May, 2023.
Opportunities abound for Rotarians across the five Districts to join the team of volunteers and local Rotary Ambassadors for Melbourne to make this RI Convention the best ever.
Our PDG Stephen Lamont will be the local contact point.
Can we get together as a Club to get to the Melbourne Rotary International Conference in 2023?

Announcements, News and Help Required
Anam Cara
Past Presidents Jenny, Ross Tony attended a dinner at The Hub last recently hosted by the Rotary Club of Geelong.
Anam Cara provides hospice care in Geelong and has outgrown its current building next to St Mary’s Basilica in Myers St.
They are proposing a new facility located on the Deakin University Campus at Waurn Ponds which will cost $18 million.
This facility will provide 20 beds (they now have 4), day care rooms and will incorporate educational places for workplace training.
Five million dollars has been sourced from the Australian Government, another $5 million is being sought from the Victorian Government and the remaining $8 million is being asked of the local community.
This community fundraising is being kicked-off with a dinner auction on the 16th May at Truffleduck which is partnering with Rotary and providing the dinner at zero cost so that the total cost of $175.00 per head for tickets will go to the fundraising for this project.
With 200 tickets, this will kick off the funds with an immediate $35,000.
If each Rotary club in Geelong can book one table of ten then that will be good start to the sale of tickets.
Please book your seat with President David by 2nd May.
There is an opportunity to add Rotary branding to this project that will show that Rotary in Geelong does care for those people going through a very distressing time when they or someone to whom they are close is near the end of their life.
The Dinner Auction
Yannick reminded us to bring along our donations of bottles of wine for the hidden label auction.
See Sue Dunlop’s email of Friday 22 March for details of the process.
It involves brown paper bags…?
Ten tables are booked so far and it promises to be a great night for two very worthy causes.
The Entertainment Book
Graeme (“The Bookie”) Fleet will have these available at our next meeting on Wednesday 3 April.
See Tony Alsop’s recent email as to the method to obtain the Entertainment Book app.
Rotary Rap
We wuz out on da street.
Got the ass from da Hub.
Lookin for a venu,
Hunt'n for a menu,

Searchin for a home,
Only wanna nest.
To chill out and shout out
Da 4 Way Test.

Now wez got some nu frinds,
Here at Saint Albins.,
Now wez kickin' goals
Aint no ones droppin' bowls.
Upcoming Events Coming Up
 Science & Engineering Challenge Dinner - Note: Wednesday night (at St. Albans) Wed 3 April
 Warracknabeal Trip 6 April
 Committee meetings - at St. Albans 9 April
 Dinner auction at RGYC 13 April
 No meeting 16 April
 Capt. Fiona Sykes - "Women in the Australian Military" 23 April
 Christ Church Meals (5th Monday) 29 April
 Pride & Professionalism Award (at St. Albans) - TBC 30 April
 Trainee of the Year Award 7 May
 Committee Meetings and Member Talk 14 May
 "Working with Different Generations"  21 May
 Ashley Hall - graduate scholar 28 May
 Pancake Night 4 June
 Committee meetings - Offsite 11 June
 New Members' Night 18 June
 To be advised  25 June
 Change Over Dinner 2 July
The Next 3 Weeks

Meeting Roster

Meeting Date
Wed 3 April, 2019 
9 April, 2019 
16 April, 2019 
Meeting Topic
Science & Engineering  Dinner 
 Committee  Meetings - at St. Albans
No meeting 
Tony Alsop    
 Peter Funston 
Keith Dawson 
Adam Koch  
 John Birrell  
 John Birrell 
Room & Hosting
 Graham Thomson 
Ross Taylor 
Member Talk
 Jenny Acopian 
Attendance for our meeting of 26 March
Present: 21
Percentage: 57.14
Apologies: Jenny Acopian, David & Sue Beretta,  Satbir Chug, Peter Cook, Stan Deans, James & Sue Dunlop, Harrie Farnaby, Laurent Franklin, Jonathan Hepner, Adam Koch, Maxine Leske, Gary Newton, Warren Norton, Bill Pratt, Sam Ramondetta, Andrew Rofe, Liz Sykes, Ross Taylor and Andrew Thorton.
Make Ups: Ross Taylor (18 March – Anam Cara Project meeting), Sue Dunlop (18 March – Rotary Club of Drysdale) and Satbir Chug (28 March – eClub One).
Leave of Absence: None

Birthdays: Happy birthdays to Yannick (5 April), Jenny (6 April) and Sue Dunlop (8 April).
Wedding Anniversaries: None in the coming week.
Rotary Anniversaries: None in the coming week.