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Sharyn Faulkner and Geelong For Equality
Sharyn who has been active in community development and social justice for decades in the Geelong and Colac regions told us of her story as a leading advocate for marriage equality.
Thanks to the commitment, dedication and energy of Sharyn and the thousands of active supporters of the marriage equality campaign, Australia is a more accepting and inclusive society.
Announcements, News and Help Required
Tony Talks
President Tony Alsop thanked PE Yannick for standing in for him last week.
We welcomed Keith Dawson back from his travels and it was great to have Robert Wheeler with us.
Tony reminded us that the need for mental health awareness in the community and the promotion of understanding and acceptance of such continues to be of vital importance.
On the fundraising front, Tony told us that our Club’s ability to provide financial support to our chosen charities is a function of how much we raise and whilst we can call on other clubs and organisations to share the load with that comes the sharing of what is raised.
Of course, the community overall still benefits but our particular projects may not then receive as much as would be the case if our Club alone is able to raise those funds.
Rotary of Grovedale/Waurn Ponds Dinner Auction – 4 October
Members will have received via email from President Tony an invitation to the club’s forthcoming Dinner Auction on Friday 4th October at Capri Receptions.
It is the major fund raiser for the year for the Grovedale/Waurn Ponds club and we and our friends are invited to join in for a lovely meal, an enjoyable evening and the opportunity to snap up a bargain.
The club’s major project over the next few years is to assist the local volunteer organisation Foundation 61 to build accommodation to assist women and their children to rebuild their lives.
RSVP 1st October to Paul on 0401 062 110
Progressive Dinner – 6 October from 6.00 pm
“Progdin” - this is a bold new idea which challenges the stale old Millennials concept of paying someone on a unicycle a pittance to bring cold food to your cruddy share house.
“Progdin” means you find the food.
It’s the hunter gatherer Paleo thing.
You get out and about.
You see other people.
You travel.
You get to use other people’s bathrooms.
You can host…which means you can boast. Dust off the Royal Doulton and the Noritake.
You can bring food.
Wow them with your barramundi and white chocolate risotto and your steak and mushroom ice-cream.
You can leave the dishes behind and there’s no waste from disposable packaging.
And there’s no stupid app to clutter up your already overloaded phone covered in greasy figure marks from swiping with a chicken wing in your paw!
All you need is the Melways…so get off your Big Mac…find the car keys…now where did I put them??...and get “Progdin”!
Trivia Night – 8 November
This event will benefit the Mark West Foundation. Bring along family and friends and book a table of eight. More details to follow from Yannick.
The Night will include a Wine Raffle so we are asking Club members to donate a bottle or two before the event.
It's nearly Geelong Show Time!....and we need volunteers!
If you are free on October 12th between 9:30am and 1pm, come along to the Geelong Show Clean Up Day!
Even if we have sufficient numbers for the actual clean up, it gives you a chance to see “the before” and if you are a new member, you can see what goes where before the Show starts in earnest
Clean Up Days are used to make sure the premises are spick and span before the show begins. So bring gloves and a bit of elbow grease and get cleaning! 
If you are unable to get on to Clubrunner, please do not hesitate to contact Yannick.
Geelong Show – 17,18 & 19 October
The roster is available on Club Runner and a roster showing dates and times will also be available at the Club meetings.
Please put this one in your diaries. We need all hands on deck as we can only give away to our chosen charitable causes that which we make and we make most from this event.
This year with every shift (there are 4 shifts each day) there will be a Shift Supervisor and a First Aider.
The idea is to relieve Adrian and John from having to be across every aspect of the operation – financial, operations and supply – throughout the entire Show.
Another new role is that of The Go-fer who will need to be available outside the Show Grounds to source and bring in supplies as needed.
Lift The Lid – 1 October
Greg Ross, ambassador for mental health awareness and Australian T.V. legend, is our guest speaker on the subject of mental health for our 1 October meeting.
The overseas Rotary Exchange students have adopted this project as the one they will support and they will be attending the meeting.
A great meeting to which we could invite guests and prospective members.
Upcoming Events Coming Up
 Rotary International (RI) President Mark Maloney - Dinner in Ballarat
Our Club's Footy Colours AFL Grand Final extravaganza
 Tues 24 Sept
 Christ Church Meals (5th Monday) Mon 30 Sept
 Mental Health Awareness (Greg Ross) - Lift The Lid - Wear Your Best Hat Tues 1 Oct
 Progressive Dinner  Sat 5 Oct
 Hamburger Stand Pre Show Clean UpSat 12 Oct
 Windfarms guest speaker Tues 15 Oct
 Geelong Show 17 - 20 Oct
 Taste of Africa (Melbourne) 25 Oct
 Trivia Night fundraiser for Mark West Foundation 8 Nov
 World Polio Day recognition - The Ann Lee Hussey Story 19 Nov
 Christ Church Meals (5th Monday) Mon 30 Dec
 Celebration of Rotary International 18 Feb 2020
 District 9780 Conference - Swan Hill 20-22 March 2020
The Next 3 Weeks

Meeting Roster

Meeting Date
 24 September, 2019 1 October, 2019 8 October
Meeting Topic
 Fight Cancer - Footy Colours (Dinner with Mark Evans)


 Lift The Lid (Mental Health Awareness) - wear your best hat Committee Meetings 
 Kris Adam Kris Adam President Tony
  Peter Gillham Kris Adam
 John Birrell Adam Koch Jenny Acopian
Room & Hosting
 Warren Norton & Laurent Franklin Bill Bailey & Terry Thornton David Beretta and Michael Carroll
Member Talk
Attendance for the meeting of 24 September
Present: 21
Percentage: 56.76
Apologies: Bill Bailey, Michael Carroll, Allanah Clifford, Peter Cook, Stan Deans, Adrian Innes, Adam Koch, Maxine Leske, Colin McElhinney, Gary Newton, Warren Norton, Bill Pratt, Andrew Rofe, Andrew Thorton and Terry Thornton.
Make Ups: None received this week.
Leave of Absence: Satbir Chug (23 April to 29 October), James and Susan Dunlop (21 May to 24 September), Jonathan Hepner (29 August to 26 September), Alison Marshall (20 August to 24 September), Sam Ramondetta (17 September to 29 October) and Graham Thomson (20 August to 24 September).

Birthdays: Happy birthday to Sue Hill for 25 September.
Rotary Anniversaries: We celebrate Joan Beretta’s second year of honorary membership on 26 September.
Wedding Anniversaries: Carol and Peter Gillham celebrate 38 years on 26 September and Ron and Anne Carroll many more on 25 September.