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Our meeting of 21 May
President Elect Tony Alsop was our chair for the evening.
We welcomed Vicki Thomson, Judy Innes and Christine Mawson as well as our guest speaker Shona Casey-Eland.
We welcomed Sue Beretta on returning from her overseas trip and it was great to have Past President Bruce King back with us.
“Working with the Generations”
Shona Casey-Eland, the CEO of YMCA Geelong, was our guest speaker on the topic of “Working with the Generations”.
Shona is the CEO of YMCA Geelong Inc & Geelong and District YMCA Youth Services.
YMCA has been part of Shona's life since commencing in 1998.
The journey has seen her manage several significant  areas within the YMCA; including access and inclusion, for which she received a YMCA Australia Program Awards in 1995 for her work in the areas of communications, policy and governance.
With a strong background in governance, policy development,  strategy and communications, Shona believes that E-store can deliver a strong commercial operation with returns to the YMCA shareholders through the implementation of the strategic plan and believes her skills, expertise and understanding of shareholder engagement experience will add value to the oversight, insight and foresight of YMCA E-store.
Shona holds a Bachelor of Arts in Youth Affairs and a Diploma  Recreation Management.
She is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
She is CEO & Company Secretary of YMCA Learning Communities Ltd, Company Secretary of Coota Industries Pty Ltd, Member of YMCA Australia Governance Leadership Team, Board Member –Edmund Rice Australia with her specialties being in governance, risk management, policy development, communications strategy and public relations
The YMCA serves over 700 communities across 176 local government areas.

Ninety percent of the programs in Geelong are youth specific in health and outdoor activities.
Shona has a wealth of experience in working across the generations.

We learned from Shona about the diverse skills and abilities of the younger cohorts and how older people provide mentoring, wisdom and the experience that comes with the "living through" and the "knowing then".
She challenged us to put aside our “old ways” and partner with youth in the sharing of our wisdom with their energy and enthusiasm.
Shona explained how she finds that the best outcomes result when all generations work together as they all can contribute to positive experiences and results for all.
Shona gave us useful insights and caused us all to reflect on, and be sensitive to, how we as older people interact with those younger than ourselves, those too of different genders and of diverse backgrounds and how important it is to avoid old stereotypes, assumptions and prejudices however innocent we may feel them to be.
As President David observed in his summing up at the end of the meeting, we do young women and ourselves a disservice when, for example, we question young women about when they might be leaving the workforce to start a family or to get married as such, whilst seemingly innocent in the mind of he (or she) who asks, convey to the recipient those old stereotypes, assumptions and prejudices and perhaps, unwittingly, we send a negative message about how we who represent the older and arguably more powerful element in society view the value of what that young person is doing and hopes and is striving to achieve.
The evening’s discussion produced much that we can and must reflect upon which is also vitally important to the continuation and relevance of the Rotary movement in general and our Club in particular.
Centurion presentation to Sue Beretta
Past President and the Club’s Rotary Foundation committee chair Ross Taylor presented Sue Beretta with her Centurion badge marking her commitment to the work of The Rotary Foundation (TRF).
Presentations to Adrian Innes and Graham Thomson
Rotary’s Southern Districts “Shine On” awards program recognises outstanding community service by people with disability who, serve as ’Shining Examples' to their community. They contribute under demanding and difficult conditions to their local and wide communities.
“Shine On” has been a multi-districts initiative since 1999.
Past Presidents of our Club, Adrian and Graham have served on this committee as members and chairs and we honoured their service with Club funded Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) Recognitions.
Adrian has served over 15 years on the Southern Districts Shine On Committee. During this time Adrian undertook the role as Chair for 5 years and assisted in promoting the annual Shine On recognition day both within the Geelong East RC and District 9780.
Another role which Adrian undertook was the mentoring of Graham Thomson when Graham first represented our RC and district on the Southern District Shine On committee.
Adrian joined our Club in 1978 and so has over 40 years of Rotary service, has been president and has taken many other offices and roles including Youth Exchange counsellor in 1986 and 1987 and chair of the District Vocational Service Committee for 5 years Adrian got onto the Shine On Committee when he was in the District vocational chair and was asked by the then District Governor (DG) Pat Robinson to attend in Pat’s absence.
Graham joined Rotary in 2007, has served on many committees and was President in 2013/14.
In 2008, District Governor Elect (DGE) Chris Sims asked Graham to be his nominee, not realising that Adrian was also on the Shine On committee.
Graham was chair for two years and is still on the Shine On committee.
Two weeks ago Graham attended the Rotary Club of Drysdale meeting to present a certificate to a Shine On award nominee, David Waters.
We thank Adrian and Graham for their many years of service in this most important aspect of Rotary’s programs in advancing the profile of persons with disabilities.
Announcements, News and Help Required
Working With Children Checks (WWC)
Make a point of getting your WWC done.
Eddification - PolioPlus Update
 The good news is that the entire African continent is poised to be certified polio-free in early 2020.
To date, 18 million people who would have been paralyzed or died are walking and alive because of polio eradication efforts.
The bad news is that there is a pause on polio campaigns in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  In Pakistan, rumors about the vaccine’s safety were spread online and by word of mouth, ultimately leading to protests and violence.
In Afghanistan, the Taliban has concerns about some of the organizations that are implementing the program and there are rumors about the safety of the vaccine.
Similar situations in the past have occurred but through efforts to address the issues behind vaccine hesitancy, community trust and support for the vaccine was built and Nigeria has now gone almost 3 years without a case of wild polio.
Also, in India, mistrust of the vaccine and polio eradication efforts in Bihar and Utter Pradesh threatened our progress against polio.
The GPEI implemented a transformational community based vaccination strategy to build community trust and completely turned the program around. India has now been polio-free for 5 years.
What is being done?
Social media experts working for the GPEI counter negative social media messages online with a positive educational message about polio vaccination.
The Government of Pakistan is calling on Facebook to take down offending posts and remove harmful and false polio-related content.
What else is being done to get the program back on track?
We’re working to deliver more than polio vaccines.
We’re providing complementary services to address community needs (water, sanitation, nutrition, other vaccines) beyond polio eradication in the highest risk communities that are the most deprived.
We’re establishing new partnerships with other public health organisations to improve immunization coverage.
True to the name Polio PLUS, Rotary is at the forefront of providing these important complementary services so multiple needs are met beyond polio immunizations.
Volunteers Needed! 
Yannick is looking for 1 Chef, 2 Cashiers and 1 Server for the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Site at Waurn Ponds, this Sunday 2nd June from 11:00 am - 1:30 pm. 
To volunteer, please contact Yannick or update the roster on Clubrunner! 
The New Members will take over the meeting on 18 June
Members who have joined the club in the last two years will, as a group, design and conduct the Club’s 18 June meeting.
The objective of the night, is to have these new members design and conduct a meeting in the style that they as a group believe suits a modern club that is appealing to people such as themselves and other potential members and brings diversity to the club whilst catering for the current members as well.
The new member group may choose to change the venue, do away with elements of the current format in which they see no value in (or keep them, as they see fit).
  • The only current meeting item that must be used is Announcements, however, they do not have to be in the same format.
  • There will be a meeting focus (i.e. purpose).
  • Meeting design and allocation of tasks and roles will be by agreement of the new members’ group.
  • Should a speaker or activity be considered as part of the meeting, the new members’ group will approach the speaker and / or design the activity.
  • The location, cost and focus must be determined by the new members’ group
  • The new members will endeavour to each bring at least one friend to the meeting and gain feedback from them about the appeal (or otherwise) of such a meeting and this will be a good opportunity to bring in some “new” new members.
Position, position, position
Not only are these reputed to be the three most important considerations when buying real estate, they are there for us to select as we move towards the new Rotary year in July.
President Elect (PE) Tony has handed out sheets headed “Rotary Club of Geelong East – 2019/2020 Club Committees and Positions” and has invited us to indicate our choice of Club (and if we are so inclined, District) roles in the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 Rotary years.
There is a task to suit, inspire and satisfy us all so fill in that form and get it back to PE Tony.
Pancake Night and Auction – 4 June 
This is part of our weekly Tuesday evening meetings at St. Albans so you will be able to book through Whoozin.
Our Auctioneer for the evening is none other than our own Laurent Franklin.
We have also invited Graeme Ritchie from Sailability who will be presented with the proceeds from the recently held Dinner Auction. 
Families and friends are most welcome to come along and bring items for auction.
The “Booze in a Bag” auction which proved a corker at the Dinner Auction is on again so all members are asked to donate a bottle of wine.
The Club’s new website
Our Club’s webpage has been updated and service committee chairs can place stories there regarding their projects and activities
This is our public face and Warren and Gary can help members write those stories.
Remember that the Bulletin is for internal Club communication.
Trainee of the Year Award nominations sought
Peter Funston is calling for nominations for the Trainee of the Year award.
Fifth Mondays – Christ Church Meals
The Bulletin’s “Upcoming Events” section now includes the Fifth Mondays which are our Club’s turn at the Christ Church Meals program and all are welcome to come and help out from 3.00 pm.
See Jenny Acopian if you would like to assist.

Assisting in our community
We have been asked by the St. Albans Football Club and the Newcomb Football Club to assist in looking after the gate at home games.
The job is to take the admission cost as vehicles enter.
If you would like to assist, contact President David.
The dates our Club is rostered on are set out in the Bulletin’s “Upcoming Events” section.
The football volunteers are getting around $200.00 for each week we provide the service.
Rotary Leadership Institute
This is an opportunity to explore leadership opportunities and expand/update your Rotary knowledge.
The program is conducted at 5 centres across the District  (Charlton, Terang, Geelong, Casteron and Ballarat) and each has 3 days to the program, the first in August or September, the second in October or November and the third in February of 2029.
Registrations close 30 June 2019 and the Geelong dates are 17 August, 12 October and 8 February.
Past President Warren Norton has more information and registration information.
Upcoming Events Coming Up
 Committee Meetings and Member Talk 14 May
 "Working with Different Generations"  21 May
 Christ Church - Winter Woolies sale 25 May
 Ashley Hall - graduate scholar & Andrew Douglass on RYLA 28 May
 St. Albans Football Gate Duty Sat 1 June
 Pancake Night - St. Albans 4 June
 Committee planning meetings - St. Albans 11 June
 St. Albans Football Gate Duty Sat 15 June
 New Members' Managed Night 18 June
 St. Albans Football Gate Duty Sat 22 June
 Pride & Professionalism Award - maybe a vocational visit (TBC) 25 June
 Registrations close for Rotary Leadership Institute 30 June
 Change Over Dinner 2 July
 Bendigo Art Gallery Trip (RC Highton) 7 July
 Committee Meetings and Member Talk 9 July
 St. Albans Football Gate Duty Sat 13 July
 St. Albans Football Gate Duty Sat 20 July
 Tree Planting Day Sun 28 July
 Christ Church Meals (5th Monday) Mon 29 July
 St. Albans Football Gate Duty Sat 10 Aug
 Christ Church Meals (5th Monday) Mon 30 Sep
 Christ Church Meals (5th Monday) Mon 30 Dec
The Next 3 Weeks

Meeting Roster

Meeting Date
21 May, 2019  
 28 May, 2019 4 June, 2019 11 June, 2019
Meeting Topic
Shona Eland - Working with Different Generations 
 Ashley Hall -  Scholar Graduate Pancake Night Committee Meetings - Planning for 2019-2020
  National Volunteer Week 
Tony Alsop  
 Jenny Acopian Yannick Le Gall Tony Alsop
Adam Koch 
 Peter Funston David Beretta Adam Koch
Bill Bailey  
 Laurent Franklin John Birrell Liz Sykes
Room & Hosting
Liz Sykes 
 Warren Norton Bill Bailey Graham Thompson
Member Talk
   Jenny Acopian
 Board Vocational Fundraising
Attendance for our meeting of 21 May
Present: 26
Percentage: 60.47
Apologies: Kris Adam, Bill Bailey,David Beretta, Robyn Campbell, Stan Deans, James and Sue Dunlop, Laurent Franklin, Peter Funston, Jonathan Hepner, Adam Koch and Janine Koch, Maxine Leske, Eddie Loughnan, Gary Newton, Sam Ramondetta and Andrew Rofe.
Make Ups: Kris Adam - 4 May for meeting of 14 May - Rotary Training for Office 360.
Leave of Absence: Satbir Chug (23 April to 29 October).

Birthdays: Happy birthday to Sue Beretta for 28 May and to James Dunlop for 29 May.
Rotary Anniversaries: We celebrate Pam Mott's 11 years of membership on 2 June.
Wedding Anniversaries: None coming up this week.
Note from the Bulletin Editor: Check your details on ClubRunner (or ask a tech-savvy member to assist you to do so) and make sure your “dates and details” are correct as the information for this “Birthdays, Rotary Anniversaries and Wedding Anniversaries” section is taken from the member records on ClubRunner.