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Our Meeting of 19 March
John Birrell’s Job Talk
Members were delighted to hear John speak briefly and so modestly about his sporting life, career and community activities.
John was raised in the eastern suburbs of Geelong and attended the Tate Street Primary School and later the Junior Technical School in Moorabool Street. He qualified as an electrician and after working for a Geelong company for a number of years, he moved to the Geelong Waterworks and Sewerage Trust (now Barwon Water) and stayed for about 30 years until his retirement.
In his younger days John played several sports that included badminton, cricket and table tennis.He managed an elite squad of badminton players that took him around the world, including China, Europe, USA and New Zealand to name a few.
He was an excellent cricketer as a batsman and wicketkeeper. He proudly told us that he still holds a batting record of 252 runs from when he played for the Shenton Methodist team. He not only played but coached cricket for over 25 years.
Apart from his work as a Rotarian, John is deeply involved in the Social Organisation for the Handicapped that conducts social evenings (including dancing to live music) twice a month and bus trips once a month. John is convenor of Neighbourhood Watch in the Newcomb/St Alban’s Park/East Geelong area. He is also a stalwart of the East Geelong Uniting Church where he looks after the Property Committee, as well as other duties.
More recently he has taken on the position of Acting Caretaker at the Geelong Showgrounds, and enjoys looking after the campers who use the facilities there.
John’s life so far has been exemplified by ‘service above self’ and is an inspiration to us all.
Committee Reports
President David invited representatives to give a one minute summary of their committees’ discussion/decisions.
The Youth Committee agreed to donate to the Science and Engineering Challenge to be held at Deakin in early April. They also called for volunteers for the two-day event.
On a show of hands, about 20 members indicated they had spoken to others about Rotary and the ben fits of joining Rotary. David advised that two new members will be inducted shortly.
Peter Cook reported that he was planning to have the Rotary logo on the shirts of players of the Newcomb Power Football Club that we hope to support through a District 9780 grant. Peter is also inquiring about the cost of signage around the perimeter of the Newcomb Power home ground in Coppards Road, and the St Alban’s Football Club grounds.
Public Relations
Tony Alsop reported on:
  • the Club’s new purchases: a large tear-drop banner with logo on display, and a strong table covering with the Rotary logo for use at sausage sizzles.
  • the official launch of the Barwon River safety markers is planned for 11 April at 10.30am, yet to be confirmed.
  • the need to order new Rotary shirts: the Frankston Club will be used as a likely model.
Laurnet advised that his committee:
  • will donate to the Science and Engineering Challenge
  • is seeking nominations for Trainee of the Year and RYLA
  • has a nomination for the Pride and Professionalism Award.
Warren reported on the following matters:
  • the success of the recent Friendship Exchange with Canadians from Manitoba and Saskatchewan
  • donation of $1,000 to the Peace Scholar program of The Rotary Foundation,  with $500 from the International Committee and $500 from the Foundation Committee
  • there are plans to hold another International Dinner - culture/country yet to be decided.
Yannick reported that her committee discussed other ways of raising revenue, including a board games event aimed at families.
Next week’s meeting 19 March:
Presentation of the R J Vague Award
Presentation of a cheque to the Lithuanian Club
A Board meeting will follow the dinner meeting.
Announcements, News and Help Required
President David’s remarks and member announcements
  1. ‘Paddock to Plate’ trip to Warracknabeal and surrounds
At this stage, 10 Rotarians and guests will be participating, with six opting to take the bus and four will take private cars. It is unclear whether we will make the 12 needed for the bus.
  1. Joint meeting with Drysdale Rotary, Mon 18 March
David reminded members of the joint meeting between Geelong East and Drysdale Rotary Clubs to be held at the Clifton Springs Golf Club to say goodbye to the Canadian Rotarians and partners whom we hosted.
  1. Anam Cara information dinner , Mon 18 March
A dinner meeting will be held at The Eastern Hub to provide information about the Anam Cara facility that is under construction on the Waurn Ponds campus of Deakin University. It is an information session, not a fundraiser as previously advertised.
  1. Forthcoming fundraising events
  • Dinner Auction 13 April at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club – invite friends and family and continue to collect items to be auctioned.
  • Swap Meet 11 May at the Geelong Showgrounds
  • Bunnings Sausage Sizzle – in June.
All of these events are in ClubRunner.
  1. RYLA
Stan Deans urged members to seek out young people to attend RYLA. Stan informed us that RYLA was conceived in Queensland 60 years ago and has since spread world-wide as a program to inspire young people aged 18 to 25 years to leadership.
  1. Entertainment Books are on sale – please see Graeme Fleet. Cost is $60.00.
  1. Thanks to those who hosted and helped to entertain the Canadian Friendship Exchange
Warren gave a big thank you to all who hosted the Canadian Rotarians and their partners whilst in Geelong. The Canadians where absolutely delighted with the warmth of the hospitality and the range of activities planned for them.
  1. Bruce King’s plea to members to have a PSA test
Bruce advised the meeting that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and has opted to have surgery. He urged his fellow Rotarians to have a PSA test asap and not delay as he did.
  1. Whoozin
Up until now there has been no charge for the use of Whoozin. However that is about to change, with the actual cost yet to be determined (could be between $100 and $300 depending on the number of text messages sent using the program).
  1. Christ Church Community Meals Program, Mon 29 April 2019
As there is a fifth Monday in April, Geelong East Rotary will again be on duty at Christ Church Community Meals on Monday 29 April, between 3.30 and 6.30pm.
Upcoming Events Coming Up
R.J. Vague Award (at St. Albans) 19 March
New Members Meeting (at St. Albans) 26 March
Science & Engineering Challenge Dinner - Note: Wednesday night (at St. Albans) Wed 3 April
 Warracknabeal Trip 6 April
Committee meetings - Offsite 9 April
Dinner auction at RGYC 13 April
Pride & Professionalism Award (at St. Albans) 16 April
To be advised - ANZAC speaker? 23 April
  Christ Church Meals (5th Monday) 29 April
No Meeting 30 April
Trainee of the Year Award 7 May
Committee Meetings and Member Talk 14 May
 To be advised  21 May
 To be advised  28 May
Social Evening 4 June
Committee meetings - Offsite 11 June
 To be advised  18 June
 To be advised  25 June
Change Over Dinner 2 July
The Next 3 Weeks

Meeting Roster

Meeting Date
19 March, 2019 
26 March, 2019 
Wed 3 April, 2019 
9 April, 2019
Meeting Topic
 R. J. Vague Award 
 To be advised
Science & Engineering Dinner
Committee Meetings Off Site
Adam Koch   
Robyn Campbell 
Tony Alsop 
 David Beretta 
Peter Funston 
 Keith Dawson 
 Laurent Franklin 
 Terry Thornton 
 John Birrell 
Room & Hosting
Sue Beretta 
Graham Thomson 
Member Talk
Bill Bailey 
Attendance for our meeting of 12 March
Present: 31
Percentage: 73.81
Leave of Absence: None.
Apologies: Kris Adam, Sue Beretta, Allanah Clifford, Keith Dawson, Harrie Farnaby, Peter Gillham, Jonathan Hepner, Adam Koch, Maxine Leske, Eddie Loughnan and Andrew Rofe.

Birthdays: Best birthday wishes and many happy returns to Wendy Hepner for 21 March.
Wedding Anniversaries: None coming up this week.
Rotary Anniversaries: 21 March marks Graeme Fleet's 30th Rotary anniversary.